There are quite a couple of good solutions for black hair out there but one of my personal solutions ist the Wild Growth Oil for hair. I like to think about products in two ways: is it scientific enough to work, and did it work. After that, I ask what’s in it and is it natural or does it contain any ingredients that might harm me.

Wild Growth Oil for Hair Review

The Wild Growth Hair Oil contains a lot of natural ingredients such as oils and vitamins that are good for the scalp and hair.

After looking at the ingredients of Wild Growth Oil for hair, it’s easy to see it as a nutrient formulation for hair. It has three different types of healthy oils in it: olive oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil.

For centuries, women have used oils on their hair and body as a luxurious way to soften the hair and skin. Even the girls preparing to be queens used rituals that included oils like jojoba and coconut oil. The king had to have a queen who had soft smooth hair!

After all, everyone knows that the softer your hair and skin is, the more approachable you look. So these primary ingredients have a history of use by smart women who lived decades or centuries before us.

Brand: Wild Growth Oil
Contains: 4 Oz
Ingredients: 100% Natural Ingredients
Price: Between $8 and $10
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Wild Growth Oil Ingredients

The vitamins in the Wild Growth Hair Oil include vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin A, and choline. Some of the latest research studies on animals are discovering that vitamin D is important for hair to grow. This vitamin is in this formula. Surprisingly, you won’t find vitamin D in a lot of other hair growth formulas on the market.

Vitamin E and A have been used in topical ointments for years for skin (and scalp). They may help with cell differentiation and cell growth, too.

The product also contains some minerals and other plant substances such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and chlorophyll. These are as natural as you can get. Magnesium and phosphorus don’t really have any link to hair growth; however, the product formulators must have a reason for why they are included in the product. Of course, magnesium and phosphorus are natural minerals so they wouldn’t harm you in any way.

wild growth oil for hair review

Iron deficiency is linked to hair loss and there may not be any research supporting the use of topical iron for hair loss, but nevertheless the product works. Chlorophyll is an oxygenator of cells, so the topical application of it may assist in oxygenating the cells of the scalp and bring in more blood flow. This is part of the reason why Minoxidil works – it brings in additional blood flow to the scalp, reports the researchers.

Products always depend on their ingredients so if they use high quality natural ingredients, you can expect good results. Because of the hundreds of good reviews about this product, we can surmise that the ingredients are high quality; otherwise, there would be a lot more negative reviews.

Some of the other ingredients are found in foods, like the squalene, terpenoids (found in herbs), oleuropein, and pinoresinol (in pine). There is natural fragrance and natural color added to it, so it’s possible that someone who is sensitive to a lot of things can be sensitive to it. This might result in itching but most people shouldn’t experience this.


The beauty of using oil like this is that it can relax those natural curls you may have while it heals the scalp. With the high level of nutrients for the hair, Wild Growth Hair Oil can provide the ideal conditions for your hair to grow. That’s step 1 for what to do to grow hair. Step 2 is simply to keep applying the product regularly.

What’s pretty awesome is that you can replace a hot oil treatment with the Wild Growth Oil for hair. At first, I thought other people were fibbing about the growth of their hair and then I figured out how they were getting such good results. It’s obvious. The oil relaxes the hair, straightening it. When you straighten out a curve, you get greater length fast. It makes perfect logical sense.

Wild Growth Hair Oil can make your scalp and hair come alive. People will see your hair shining and looking its best and know your hair is healthy.

You don’t have to use a whole lot of the oil to get results. In fact, if you use too much, your hair will be dripping, so just use enough to get the results. You can use it after shampooing and conditioning. I know some people don’t like the smell of it and I think if the smell is that horrendous to them, there’s a reason for it so they shouldn’t use it. (kind of like dating – you wouldn’t date someone who didn’t smell right, would you?)

Wild Growth Hair Oil Conclusion

Anyway, I give the product a 4.4 out of 5 just because it works and contains all the natural ingredients that create the right conditions so your hair can grow. You don’t ever have to worry about using something that’s bad for your body with Wild Growth Hair Oil. Check it out on Amazon now!

Jasmin Brooks

Jasmin Brooks

Jasmin is a healthy living enthusiast who loves writing about hair care, natural beauty treatments and fitness.
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