Just like picking out your head covering, wig care is another important component of keeping the wig looking great and by extension letting your head look natural and gorgeous. Synthetic wig care is somewhat different from the care you would give to a human hair wig, and it is advisable to ask the retailer or manufacturer for explicit instructions and also product suggestions.

When it comes to wig care – shampoo and conditioners that have been specifically formulated for wigs should be used. Stay away from the kinds of hair care products that you would use on human hair still attached to its skull, since many of these kinds of shampoo are harsher than those formulated for artificial hair or human hair that has been removed from the nourishing follicles of the scalp.

How to care for a wig? Wig care is a daily process that requires just a little finesse and dedication. Caring for synthetic wigs may be done quickly and easily with the right products, and generally speaking it is recommended that you completely wash your wig after wearing it ten times. Of course, if you have sweated profusely or if you notice unpleasant odors coming from your wig, care may need to be done a bit sooner than that.

Before washing your wig, good wig care requires you to very gently remove any tangles by combing the hair with a wide tooth comb. Once the tangles are gone, you will need to turn the wig inside out – for synthetic wigs care only, for human wigs you may need to skip this step – and then soak it in cold water to which the wig care shampoo has been added. Do not give in to the idea to scrub, rub, or otherwise stress the wig. After a few minutes of soaking, rinse it in cold water to remove the shampoo. Gently pat dry the wig with a soft towel followed by a paper towel. Brandywine wig care products are probably the most well known in the industry and many manufacturers recommend them to their clients.

After the wig is patted dry, you need to turn it over again and then transfer it to its drying stand. Resist the urge to try to brush it, since the hair at this point could very simply break off. Instead, this is the time to apply leave-in wig conditioner and allow it to dry naturally, without the use of a blow-dryer. Once completely dry, the wig should snap pack in shape simply by having you shake it. Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to adjust the hair style to your liking.