Synthetic Hair vs. Human Hair

When it comes to wigs and hairpieces, synthetic hair vs. human hair is the kind of debate that you will encounter. While nobody argues the fact that human hair wigs are probably the most natural, everyone will also understand that they are the most costly to come by. After all, hair grows oh so slowly and even if a person is dedicated to selling their hair for the benefit of wigs, there is only so much to go around. Add to this the fact that the person selling the hair will not be able to do so again until it has grown out – probably about half a year to a year later – and you will understand why even discount human hair wigs carry a hefty price tag. Furthermore, you will need to use special shampoo for human hair wigs that will not damage the way the way the hair is connected to the netting that holds it in place. Since the hair is no longer being nourished by the follicle, you will also need to provide the nutrition it needs. Customized human hair wigs may be wonderful to look at, but before long ladies wearing human hair wigs notice that in spite of all efforts even the best looking wig is starting to lose its luster and the hair will begin breaking.

This development has of course spurred on the debate about synthetic hair vs. human hair, since the demise of the human hair wig now spells out the necessity of having another one made, which once again will require you to deeply reach into your pocket. Fortunately, there are now materials that have entered the synthetic hair vs. human hair debate that look and feel so real that it is hard to tell if the substance is real hair or simply a synthetic look alike. Monofilament wigs – human hair wigs’ competition – are well received but also expensive. Yet while a human hair wig will deteriorate, this kind of synthetic wig will last a lot longer and also be available in a number of different styles.

Yet synthetic hair vs. human hair is not the kind of discussion that always needs to be mutually exclusive. Take for example the fact that Afro-American human hair wigs are sometimes a mix of human hair half wigs with synthetic extensions, and you will be able to see how costs are being kept down by not falling for the exclusiveness of the synthetic hair vs. human hair debate and instead working to combine human hair wigs for black women with fashion statements. Furthermore, while men’s human hair wigs are much more common than long human hair wigs for women, human hair wigs – long lengths or even mid lengths – require a lot of effort, specialized human hair wig shampoo, and even the human hair 3/4 wigs requires cutting to be adjusted. With synthetic hair, the caring for the material is much easier, and the cutting of the wig is no nearly as financially draining as that of real human hair. After all, if you cut the synthetic hair too short, you will have enough money to try again with another wig. Cut a human hair wig too short, and you will most likely be stuck with the piece.