Hairpieces have been the butt of jokes and derision for decades, and it is not surprising that between the lore and truth about these hair coverings, there is a lot of misinformation that makes wearers of hair pieces question what they should do to keep their tresses look good longer. To this end, a hairpieces FAQ section is required.

The first answer in the hairpieces FAQ deals with the care of the hair piece. Formal hair pieces require different care than the clip on hairpieces that may only be worn temporarily. Furthermore, cheerleading hair pieces have different care needs from women’s hairpieces that are worn over a prolonged period of time. Generally speaking, the closer the hairpiece is to your scalp, the more often it needs to be cleaned. Thus, if a hair coverage piece comes in contact with your sweat, you will need to wash it after wearing it six times. If it does not come in contact with your head and sweat, such as may be the case for a hair extension, then cleaning it may only need to be done after wearing it ten times.

Another question for the hairpieces FAQ is the notion that specialty cleaners are required. As a matter of fact, this notion is correct! Wholesale men’s hairpieces made from synthetic hair may have different cleaning needs than a clear crystal hair piece that is used for a fashion statement, but the truth of the matter remains that only specially formulated shampoos and conditioners should ever be used on the fake hair pieces. Baby shampoo, regular shampoo, and also dish detergent must be avoided!

The final answer in these hairpieces FAQ deals with the affordability of the hairpieces. FAQ usually contain a question and answer on the human hair vs. synthetic hair controversy, and many claim that affordable hair pieces made from synthetic hair are much more durable than a clip on hair piece made from human hair. There is no one answer that fits all, since the famous Jessica Simpson hair pieces are quite different from the coverings used by cancer survivors who are trying to not let the effects of chemotherapy be known; generally speaking, whatever kind of material makes you feel better is the one that is right for you.

One trick for finding out if a particular style fits you is to have a cheap wig cut in that style and wear it for a couple of days. Have friends and family comment on the style and see how you like it. If you always wanted long hair but find that while wearing it the hair seems to get in the way of everything you do, then you know not to make the investment in a more expensive long hair wig. Similarly, if you always wanted curls, a cheap wig will reveal if this kind of hair style truly suits you. If after two days you are still trying to tease the curls in place and just do not seem satisfied, then perhaps this hairstyle is not for you!