Attaching wigs & toupees is not as simple an activity as you might think. Sure, in the commercials you see a lady attaching a wig to her head simply by slipping it over the head and then teasing the tresses in place before leaving the restroom. Yet what the commercials do not show is the fact that between her taking off the wig and reattaching it, there are several minutes that pass while make up artists are carefully attaching the piece, and doing the initial teasing to make the process look more natural.

Considering why women wear wigs, some are simply a fashion statement while others serve to cover up a medical condition, wearing a wig is something that is supposed to enhance your overall sense of self worth and comfort, and yet some women wearing wigs feel so uncomfortable that in spite of owning gorgeous wigs the stars wear, these ladies will not leave their homes or even uncover their heads.

This goes to show that how to wear a wig is just as important to know as how to go about attaching wigs & toupees. In the slapstick humor and television jokes that deal with attaching wigs & toupees it is almost always the gust of wind that makes the hair piece stand up and reveal to the world that there is something decidedly not natural on the person’s head. While in gale three hurricanes something like this could happen, today the methodology of attaching wigs & toupees has changed to such an extent that the average wind gust will just gently ruffle the hair, not cause it to take off.

Attaching wigs & toupees may be done either by using cold glue, weaving it in with your natural hair at one of the hair care establishments that specialize in attaching lace wigs at a salon, or the hair may be held in place by double sided tape. The question about what actors wear toupees is often raised when a little piece of tape might have peeked out and an overeager paparazzi caught wind of it. Women who wear wigs, stars who wear toupees and actors who wear toupees do not care to have their little fashion secrets revealed, and will therefore usually opt for the cold glue or weave methods rather than the tape methodology. Actresses wearing wigs during different scenes in a movie will usually use clips to keep the fake hair in place, since these are quickly and easily taken out.

Why do barristers wear wigs in jolly old England and how to attach wigs such as these are not questions that affect too many Americans. Suffice to say that these wigs have less to do with fashion and more with the times, which is also the answer whether George Washington does wear a wig, and that attaching them is done with clips almost exclusively.