Wigs & Toupees

In the past, wigs and also toupees were considered a last ditch effort of those who were sadly mistaken as to the look of their wig. Wigs & toupees were often considered to be objects of ridicule and slapstick humor as well as television comedy would be lost without the jokes, puns, and gags that were made at the expense of these wearing lace front wigs. Yet while it is true that in the past wigs & toupees looked ridiculously artificial in both design as well as color and material, today the average lace wigs are hard to detect as fakes and even costume wigs may pass for real hair.

Full lace wigs are crafted from sometimes human hair, other times synthetics that are made to look, feel and react to outside influences like human hair. For example, wigs & toupees are no longer made from stiff materials that do not move even in windy conditions. Instead, modern wigs & toupees made from real human hair – although expensive – are virtually undetectable. Before purchasing such a head covering, the consumer will often be able to request a specific hair color that is used to match her or his own coloring; furthermore, a hair style that is in keeping with the individual’s fashion sense and clothing style will work to make wigs & toupees blend with the person rather than stand out.

These days, Paula Young wigs, Raquel Welch wigs, and Cher wigs have become a mainstream commodity. These celebrities are famous for the use of head coverings during movie shoots, on stage performances, and sometimes just for fun. Even cheap wigs have tried to copy their styles and as such have come a long way from the earlier lace front wig that were little more than Halloween wigs in the eyes of many.

Yet before you embark on perusing discount wigs at the local discount wig establishment, make sure that you really do want to cover your head instead of embracing your baldness. While the latter is not for everyone, it is astounding how many sufferers from male pattern baldness do not stop to consider this step before spending a lot of time, money, and effort perusing wholesale wigs and purchasing several different models. Lastly, do not let yourself be committed to an unpopular hairstyle simple because the wig of choice is crafted that way. Instead you will be happy to know that cutting a wig is a very simple procedure that will give a wig a more contemporary haircut in keeping with your personality.