At the beginning of your hair restoration journey you will likely concern yourself with finding the best hair transplant doctor possible. After all you will be displaying their work to the world every day of your life. So I would like to present you an unbiased view of a decade’s worth of research into the best doctors in the field of hair restoration. We can break this down into a few questions to begin with.

What is Your Goal?

First determine your expectations and if they are realistic. Most doctors will not treat individuals younger than 20, and very few will treat you in your early 20’s. What level of hair loss do you have? If you are a Norwood 2 and simply want your youthful hairline back then you have many options. If you are a Norwood 5, expect to look 18 again, and won’t have it any other way – then I suggest you rethink a hair transplant all together.

Where do you start?

Familiarize yourself with the types of procedures available. You must understand the intricacies of F.U.E. and F.U.T. (strip harvesting) before you can consider doctors, because they generally specialize in one method of transplantation. I would suggest you start by reviewing the endless amount of photographs on the internet of transplant before and after pictures. Check out online forums like the Bald Truth Talk or Hairloss Experiences for years of documented patient photos.

Who is the Best Hair Transplant Doctor?

That is an easy question to answer. No one is the best. There are indeed highly recommended doctors and some that have a proven track record. Like everything else in life this mission will be a calculated gamble. However, in the weeks to come I will present my TOP 5 list of most excellent doctors who have stood the test of time. In the mean time if you haven’t checked out our calculator, please do so. This will help set your expectations when it comes to the shockingly high prices of such a procedure.

Kathy Duchamp

Kathy Duchamp

Kathy has been working as a freelance author for numerous online and offline media since 2001 - and since 2019 also for The Hair Loss Advisor. Following her studies in psychology and education, she initially worked as an employed specialist journalist and PR editor before moving to freelance corporate communications. In the last ten years she has written for a patient portal, a hospital group, two food supplement manufacturers and a pharmacy magazine.
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