We all like our hair to be long, shiny and healthy and this doesn’t apply to women only. But because of some certain reasons, we have hair fall and notice that our hair is getting thinner. It can be consumption of food products, medicines, hair habits, etc.

Top 15 Causes Why Your Hair is Getting Thinner Day by Day

Now, the reason varies from one person to another, but some of the very common causes of hair damage are:

1. Dryness

The cause of dryness can be anything from heat products to normal environment temperature. Also, during winter our skin gets drier, and the scalp tends to lose the moisture. The dryness gives rise to dirt settling in our scalp and then further itchiness and deposition of harmful bacteria’s. This all contributes to a potential cause of hair loss. Another type of dryness would be when we use heat products more than the hair can accept, but if they are used almost daily, our hair is getting thinner and thus damaged.

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2. Shampoo

Our scalp and our shampoo should be in proper coordination since if we use the wrong shampoo for the wrong type of scalp, we face the consequences. Our hair needs nourishment, and that starts with our shampoo itself. The products that we use in turn give our hair what it needs. If we use a shampoo that tends to make our scalp dry or oily more than it needs to be, then it will result in thinning of hair. As soon as the thinning happens, hair starts to fall and thus it doesn’t stop till proper nourishment is given.

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3. Medical Reasons

There can be some medicines that when consumed can result in other side effects. Now, generally the antibiotic is not harsh enough to make you have several side effects, but some of them can be hard to show the results with time. You can lose hair with the consumption of particular medicines when continued for a greater period. Some women experience hair loss from fertility drugs, birth control pills or iron medicines etc. which can have hair loss as a side effect. Diabetic patients can also lose hair because of the insulin injections.

4. Stress

This is a huge cause for many bodily problems we face in our day to day lives. Stress can cause anxiety, depression, heart problems, weight issues and the one we are discussing hair fall.

Because of stress, our hormones get disturbed and they start manipulating other functions, this leads to problems like hair fall. Also, the hormones are responsible for growth and maintenance, which is disturbed in the process too.

5. Smoking

This word is pretty prominent in the dictionary of “not goods,” so it is clear that it does no good to our body anyway. Smoking can affect blood regulation; increase the toxins in our body and blood which further promotes aging. Now, if proper blood is not transported to our roots, they cannot grow in a proper manner, they will lack nutrition and support from the base itself. This can cause the hair fall or hair thinning and thus permanent damage. Proper care should be taken or else you might go bald.

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6. Nourishment

If your hair is not getting proper care and nourishment it is going to be very tough for one to carry out with healthy hair. Our hair needs proper food to grow and survive on which means that we need to give it correct nutrients along with the shampoo, conditioner, etc. Deficiency of Vitamin in your body can be a cause for hair loss. If you do not have the proper level of Vitamin D, it can result in your hair loss and your hair getting thinner, so it is important to make sure that your vitamin D is at the proper level.

7. Touching Your Hair

Some people have this habit of touching their hair or rubbing their scalp or scratching it constantly throughout the day. When we are touching our hair with bare dirty hands, it can transport dirt and bacteria, and the same happens when we run our fingers through our scalp. We already know how dirt deposition can cause hair fall. Also, scratching your head will make the roots of the hair go weak and thus easier to fall.

8. Food Habits

We are what we eat; don’t we all know this saying? We get the nutrition, the minerals, the vitamins and the supplies for our whole body from what we consume. It is important to keep in mind that if we don’t consume proper amounts of nutrients, our body is not going to be strong. Our hair works the same way; it is constituted of what we eat on a daily basis. So if you have wrong and junk food habits rather than healthy ones, it will show in your hair fall.

hair loss from junk food

9. Hereditary

Yes, it can be carried from one generation to another. We often think how shiny and strong hair our grandma has but then we look at our parents who have thin hair, so if we have thin or weak hair, it can be inherited from our ancestors too. You can notice this by doing a survey within your family and compare how many people have the same problems as you. It can start from your teenage and last long, or it can start during your 50-60s and last you a lifetime.

10. Hair Care

The age old home remedies may seem bleak to you, but they are the ones that gave our ancestors such strong, long and shiny hair even when their skin is weary. You need to have a proper hair care routine, at least once a week so that your hair gets some time to itself and proper nourishment too. You can do a hot oil treatment or a champi, you can do some massages of course keeping in mind not to pull your hair, and you can do a hair spa. These things will keep your hair in place and strong.

11. Weight Loss

Any drastic change in our body will result in a greater side effect. Sometimes we experience it; sometimes we don’t. Now, when we lose a lot of weight the momentum of our body shifts, the body tries to deposit the pre-known items somewhere else, since our diet changes, we experience weakness and other problems too. With all this changes the hormonal balance of the body, which is directly related to hair loss. So, a greater change in the body weight can effect your hair and your hair getting thinner might be because of that.

12. Hairstyles

We like to try new hairstyles, tie our hair with new bands and also play with the styles multiple times a day. But when we are creating the hairstyle, we tend to use certain products without thinking they could be damaging our hair. We do use protection maybe, but it is enough? No. Using the protection once for styling your hair multiple times can cause breakage, thinning and dryness. This will further make your roots lose their natural oils, in turn, giving your hair loss.

13. Excess Heat

This is not the exact same heat like that of a product but the heat from outside and the environment. We tend to wear caps or helmets during traveling outside which creates a heat inside. The sweat that deposits or the heat is responsible for growing bacteria and also causes further damage. The hair becomes weak because of the excess sweat and dirt deposition. Also, this can result in a disease called alopecia in men who tend to wear helmets all the day.

hair loss from wearing helmet

14. Medical Treatments

Cancer treatments include harsh chemicals starting from medicines to the therapies given to the patients. Certain chemicals are used during their treatment in the very early stage which are not harmful enough to cause hair fall. But chemotherapy is done with the help of radiations which makes your hair loose at the ends, and thus you suffer hair loss. The radiations are generally for destroying the tumor or cancer cells but in turn, give your some extreme hair loss issues too. This is also the reason some people chop off their hair before going for the chemo.

15. Medical Issues

There are some medical issues one can suffer from because of which they experience intense hair loss. The problems are:

  • Scalp Psoriasis: This is a disease where your hair starts to fall slowly and then in an intensive amount. This can be treated but takes a lot of time and is very hard to treat properly.
  • Alopecia Areta: This happens because of a weak immune system and the hair tends to fall in different patches.
  • Folliculitis: This creates inflammations in your hair follicles; this can also be termed as a type of rings which creates hair fall. It can even result in baldness if not treated early.

There are many other reasons why one can suffer from hair fall some being aging, drugs, etc. But we should be able to identify it early and thus treat it accordingly. Good treatment and care on a normal basis can result in healthy, shiny and stronger hair!

Brian Johnson MD

Brian Johnson MD

Dr. Brian Johnson is a professor of dermatology. He has conducted numerous research studies about hair loss and it's effects on the human psyche. Dr. Johnson has written for Maclean's, Motherboard, the National Post, and the Huffington Post.
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