If you want a shampoo that will help your hair grow to its full potential, you need to look at the label and make sure it includes two things: biotin and hydrolyzed keratin. Let’s talk about why these two ingredients are so important for a quality shampoo and why they are considered the two best hair growth shampoo ingredients!

The Two Best Hair Growth Shampoo Ingredients

All shampoo is not created equal. You need one that does it all — promotes a healthy scalp, keeps your scalp moisturized and conditioned, and makes sure all your hair follicles and hair strands are clean and ready to grow. Your shampoo should be helping your natural hair growth cycle work at full power.  Of course, there are tons of shampoos to choose from. Go to any grocery or pharmacy and you’ll see entire walls dedicated to shampoos. They all claim that they’re “#1 doctor recommended” and “best formula for hair growth,” but don’t be fooled. If it doesn’t contain biotin and hydrolyzed keratin – ditch it.

The Benefits of Biotin

Biotin is the most important (and most well-known) of the vitamin B complexes. There’s a reason why so many research articles and lists have it so high on their list of nutrients for hair growth. It really is one of the most important parts of a hair growth diet.

In fact, biotin is so important that if your body is at severe biotin deficiency, you can start experiencing hair loss, just like that!

Biotin is water-soluble, meaning that the body doesn’t naturally produce it. Most people get enough from their diets — foods like eggs, nuts, grains, and milk are great sources of biotin. But assuming that you’re getting enough is not enough. it’s importance is why so many experts recommend it as a main ingredient in your shampoo.

Biotin is crucial not only because it encourages hair growth, but because it also helps make sure that your hair cells are working properly. When your hair cells aren’t working as they should, your hair can become brittle and dry.

Brittle and dry hair leads to hair that falls out…something absolutely nobody wants.

Biotin is one of the best nutrients to prevent hair breakage. It’ll give you strong hair that you can pull on without worrying about strands coming out. And stronger hair means longer hair.

Hydrolyzed Keratin

You know how important protein is in your diet, but did you ever think why that is?

Well, protein, keratin protein in particular, makes up 90% of your hair. Keratin is a special structural protein that protects and strengthens. When you get protein treatments, that is replenishing your strands with proteins that will give you volume and make your hair more resilient to the elements.

Hydrolyzed keratin in particular is what you want to look for in your shampoo. When we say it’s hydrolyzed, we just mean that it’s broken up into smaller pieces. The protein is smaller, and so it can more easily penetrate hair strands…better than regular keratin protein.

Keratin has a unique strength and protective quality. Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein particles are known to fill in the cracks along damaged areas in the hair shaft subsequently strengthening the hair, increasing elasticity and volume. Due to its moisture binding capabilities, Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein increases the moisture content in the hair, restoring luster, body, and increasing manageability. Keratin has always been a staple nutrient in hair care, but adding this special form will definitely give your results a boost.

How to get the best results from your shampoo

Ok, so you know the two most ingredients to include in your shampoo. Now how do you make sure that they’re working at full potential?

Even though we’ve been shampooing our hair forever, many people still get it wrong. And when you’re not washing correctly, the nutrients and vitamins in your product will not work as they should.

Here are 3 simple tips to get the best results from your biotin and keratin-infused shampoo:

  1. Start with a Hot Rinse: Get your hair completely wet (with hot water) before washing. This will open up your cuticle and help remove any dirt or product that may be trapped. Your hair will be much better at absorbing the nutrients in your shampoo.
  2. Wash less often: You’d be surprised at how many people still wash their hair everyday. Unless you have extremely oily hair, you should only wash 2-3 times per week. Over-washing will strip your hair of the biotin and keratin that you just worked in!
  3. Finish with a Cold Rinse: Cold water will close up the cuticle, keeping all those vitamins and nutrients locked into your hair strands. Plus it will help make your hair shinier since it will better reflect light.

The two best hair growth shampoo ingredients – Conclusion

There are lots of vitamins and nutrients that are great for hair growth, but biotin and hydrolyzed keratin stand out. The next time you’re buying shampoo, look for an all-natural formula that includes these two ingredients. With consistent use, you’ll notice a boost in hair growth.

It’s also important to remember that shampoo is just one piece of the puzzle. If you want to see real results, you need a proper diet, and a proper routine overall to make sure your body is able to do what it’s supposed to.

Don’t get too caught up in the marketing. Just read the label and look for the two best hair growth shampoo ingredients. Good luck!

Susan Ehlers

Susan Ehlers

Susan was born and raised in Seattle, where she studied Biology. Now she works as a health and nutrition coach. In her free time she enjoys canoeing and hiking together with her husband.
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