Do you suspect your shampoo causing hair loss? Then this article is for you.

We need shampoos to wash our hair, but unfortunately hair loss due to the wrong shampoo is also possible. The reason is that many of the hair care products such as shampoo contain ingredients that are suspected of causing hair loss. The following guide explains which these are and what you should pay attention to in order to keep your hair healthy.

Prevent hair loss with shampoo

Hair loss is a very big nuisance. When it occurs for the first time, it is frightening for those affected. Instead of only 100 hairs or less per day, the amount of hair falling out suddenly increases, or they even fall out in tufts until there are light spots at some point. Most sufferers wish to use a hair loss shampoo to eliminate hair loss. But instead, hair loss can also be caused by a shampoo.

How to avoid hair loss from shampoo

Hair should be silky, shiny and beautifully full and grow vigorously. This is considered a beauty ideal. Excessive hair loss usually gnaws at our self-confidence. To prevent this, care products for our hair should be carefully selected. It is advisable to use special anti-hair loss shampoos in order to strengthen the hair structure and hair roots.

Those anti hair loss shampoos contain special ingredients that on the one hand prevent hair loss due to shampoo and on the other hand can also eliminate it in the best case. As a shampoo, special anti-hair loss products can be easily integrated into the care routine. The anti hair fall ingredients stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp, but also in the hair follicle.

They also block the growth-inhibiting DHT. Caffeine, saw palmetto and other natural ingredients are said to reduce the effect of the DHT. Aloe vera soothes an irritated scalp. It also stimulates hair growth through various vitamins and minerals. Argan oil is another great ingredient – it is an excellent source of Vitamin E, which fights off harmful free radicals. The elasticity and vitality of the hair are thus maintained. Some shampoo for hair loss is also mixed with keratin. The hair itself is made of this substance. It strengthens the hair structure and various vitamins strengthen the hair. Biotin strengthens the hair while zinc strengthens the hair root and protects against inflammation.

Below you will find a selection of the best hair loss shampoos which are commercially available.

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Is your shampoo causing hair loss? Check for these harmful ingredients!

First and foremost, there should be no silicones or other harmful ingredients in the shampoo. In this case, natural cosmetics are often a good choice. Natural shampoos clean the hair particularly gently. But even when switching to natural cosmetic products, you should always check how they are tolerated, because an incompatibility is possible with all products.

Coco glucoside, which is a mild sugar surfactant, is a critical ingredient. Surfactants are included in the shampoo to clean the hair and remove dirt. The ingredient is said to have positive properties, but it is suspected that it can cause hair loss.

It is therefore important, if the ingredient is included, to check how the hair reacts to the care product. Otherwise there are good shampoos that do not contain silicones and coco glucosides, but other surfactants. Ingredients such as silicone, sodium lauryl sulfate, dioxine, DEA, propylene glycol, alcohol and parabens should also be avoided.

What does the optimal hair care look like?

Caring for your hair starts with washing your hair. First of all, the temperature of the water shouldn’t be too hot and the shampoo used should be mild. It is also important that it is free of preservatives and fragrances. In addition, it should not contain the ingredients already mentioned, so as not to strain the hair or even permanently damage it. Only by sticking to these rules you can avoid hair loss through shampoo.

A light massage of the scalp with your fingertips is recommended during shampooing. This promotes blood circulation and removes lose hair. This creates space for healthy, re-growing hair. Dandruff becomes easier to remove as well. At best, the hair is not washed too often, at most every two to three days. When choosing the right shampoo for hair loss, your hair type also plays a very important role.

An oil-based shampoo works well for dry, brittle hair, where the protective greasy film of normal hair is missing, while a shampoo that contains keratin is ideal for thin, damaged hair. Special hair treatments help to strengthen the hair, counteract damage or at best prevent it. After the shampoo has been rinsed out, these treatments are gently massaged into the damp scalp and removed with lukewarm water after the recommended exposure time.

Hair treatments also prevent matting of the hair. During summer time you can let your hair dry naturally. If a hair dryer cannot be avoided, the temperature should be set to “cool”. Your comb should not have tines that are too narrow or too pointed and ideally consist of natural material. Brushes should have soft bristles and rounded ends. A great investment for your hair and scalp is a boar bristle brush.


Hair loss occurs when the hair loses its strength and light spots appear. In addition to the so-called diffuse hair loss, which occurs frequently and spontaneously and is usually caused by a changed hormone balance, lack of nutrients, thyroid disease or stress, the rising DHT level is usually the reason for hair loss in hereditary hair loss. The most serious form of hair loss is circular hair loss.

This involves one or more circular bald spots on the head. It is not yet clear how this hair loss can occur however an autoimmune disease is most likely the culprit. As a rule, the only thing that helps here is to see a doctor at an early stage. He can prescribe shampoos with minoxidil or other ingredients or other medications. Early treatment is important not only for shampoo-based hair loss, but for all forms of hair loss. If the hair root is irreperably destroyed, often only a hair transplant will help.


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