Regoxidine is a hair growth product against hereditary or genetic hair loss. I myself suffer from hereditary hair loss and I hoped this product would provide me with a quick remedy. In my Regoxidine review, I am going to talk about the application, the effect and the chances of success with the product Regoxidine.

Regoxidine Review

Every man wants to have full, healthy hair. But about 50% of all men suffer from hereditary or genetic hair loss. If you are also suffering from hair loss, there are many ways to combat the cause. The product Regoxidine consists of 5% Minoxidil and is a proven and medically tested remedy against hair loss and not only helps to stop the progressive hair loss but also to stimulate hair growth again.

Effect of Regoxidine

The miracle cure in the product Regoxidine is: Minoxidil. When used regularly, this active ingredient ensures better blood circulation to the hair follicles. As a result, the affected areas can be better supplied with blood, which leads to increased growth. However, minoxidil is only a blood circulation stimulator, which means that you need not be afraid of Regoxidine affecting your hormone balance.

Regoxidine is available for both men and women. The only difference is the minoxidil content: 2% for women and 5% for men. This difference is based on scientific studies which show that men need a higher concentration of active ingredients than women in order to stimulate hair growth again.

Use of Regoxidine

Regoxidine is available as topical foam. Using a foam (instead of a solution) is very clever because it is easier to spread on the affected areas.

The application is very easy and is done twice a day (morning and evening). Half a cap of foam is massaged into the affected areas with your fingers in the morning and evening.

When using the product, make sure that the hairs are already dry! Regoxidine must be applied to dry scalps, otherwise it cannot work properly. The hair should therefore be washed and dried accordingly before use.

After application – this is my experience – you should allow the foam that has been massaged in to soak in for 1 minute and, if necessary, dry the hair afterwards with a hairdryer or towel. Then you can style and gel your hair as usual. So you don’t have to do without anything!

How long does a can of Regoxidine foam last?

Regoxidine men’s foam is available in a special offer pack with 3 cans at a price of around $34.95 which is way cheaper than its famous “colleague” Rogaine where you have to shell out about $45 or more for the exactly same content. Plus, Regoxidine offers regularly 10% off on your purchase as well as free shipping. One can of Regoxidine Men’s Foam contains 60g. A quantity of 1g is recommended for each individual application. This corresponds to about half the cap. In my experience, one can lasts about 1 month, which means that the advantage pack lasts for 3 months. Personally, I have always used the advantage pack, as it is simply more convenient and cheaper than buying a new can every month. I had them conveniently delivered via the official Regoxidine website – from my experience, the price is also the best here! (I do not recommend to purchase via 3rd party sites such as Amazon or Ebay as you might receive fake goods).

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Did Regoxidine help me? – My Experience

I am now 29 years old and have been suffering from hereditary hair loss for about 8 years. In earlier years the thinning hair did not bother me and I did not notice it – probably because I still had enough hair on my head. In the meantime, however, the receding hairline has become considerably larger and the density of hair on the back of the head is also visibly decreasing.

In order to put a stop to this process, I have been studying the subject of hair loss and receding hairline, and in the end, I have encountered the product Rogaine. But since I like to save money and not pay for a branding only I came across Regoxidine which is exactly the same – only cheaper. Bingo! I was convinced by the price of the product, which is about $34.95, as well as the many Minoxidil success stories and medical studies.

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32 weeks of Regoxidine men’s foam – patience pays off!

For the last 8 months or 32 weeks, I have been massaging Regoxidine men’s mousse daily onto my affected areas of the head. Because the foam is easy to apply, it was no problem at all to integrate this product into my everyday life. Every morning after showering and in the evening before going to bed, I applied half a cap of the cap (recommended application quantity).

Results after the first 4 weeks – All beginnings are difficult

My euphoria that the product would immediately remedy the situation and allow my hair to grow back has clearly subsided after the first 4 weeks. After about 60 applications, I can now see no change in my hair. Neither new hair has been added nor are there any other signs that indicate that my hair is getting better again. But don’t worry – the effects of Regoxidine don’t set in after the first few days or weeks, but take a while before it takes full effect.

Results after 3 months – something is happening

3 months have now passed and massaging in the Regoxidine men’s foam has become a daily ritual. Almost automatically and naturally I reach for the Regoxidine can in the morning after showering and in the evening before going to bed and treat my head with a small amount of foam. In the last few years I have noticed more and more often that after blow-drying or styling my hair, not many hairs fell out, but the number still increased slowly but surely. After 3 months of using Regoxidine, I have now noticed that my hair looks much stronger and that my hair no longer falls out! This was my first feeling of success and I am convinced that the effects of this miracle cure will continue to unfold.

Results after 8 months – Success

The correct effect of Regoxidine men’s mousse can only be fully appreciated after 6-8 months. My hair has become considerably thicker and stronger in the treated areas. In addition, I hardly lose any hair any more and I also think that the receding hairline has become a little thicker. Of course, one should not expect the product to return the hair splendour from its youth after half a year. This would probably require a medical intervention, because where there is no more hair on the head, there will not simply grow back! As you can see on the picture, the product has kept its promise:

regoxidine before after

Finally, I would like to say to people who themselves suffer from hereditary hair loss: “Start treatment with Regoxidine as early as possible! Regoxidine stops hair loss and stimulates hair growth. So if you wait until all the hair is gone from your head, there are only a few and expensive alternatives to let your hair grow again.

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