Shampoo is one of the greatest inventions since the discovery of proper personal hygiene. You use it every day when taking your precious bath. Without it, what would have become of man? Probably we would all be infected with the dreaded head louse and fleas. That’s something we shouldn’t be so proud about.

Suffering from hair loss is one challenge encountered by the finest intellectual minds. Most of them are middle aged so that’s an understandable situation. Despite the normalcy of this, it should be taken seriously for hair is the frontline protection detail of our heads. It protects us from injury by acting like a pincushion. That’s why some bald people are most likely to injure themselves a lot.

As many would perceive, hair loss products are very expensive. It may offer very effective treatments, even though some won’t work, but the crater it may cause your wallet can sometimes be unforgivable. Thankfully, not all adhere to this financial burden-causing treatment programs.

Nioxin Cleanser System 3 Shampoo Review

For all those hair loss sufferers, there is a quick answer to all your frustrations and disappointments. It’s called the Nioxin Cleanser System 3 Shampoo and it doesn’t take its name for nothing. It may be surprising to you, but you’ll change your perception towards it upon knowing its features.

Since our scalps are very prone to dryness, constant moisture is needed, but in moderate amounts of course. Too much of it can cause fungi to grow (ringworms anyone?). The lesser the moisture a scalp has, the lesser holding strength it has. The Nioxin Cleanser System 3 Shampoo contains humectants that maintain the scalp’s moisture content.

Another factor in hair loss is the induction of chemicals into the scalp and hair itself. These chemicals can be found in your shampoo which is kind of frightening. You don’t have to worry from now on for the Nioxin Cleanser System 3 Shampoo contains eco-correctives that could remove the pollutants and toxins in your hair and scalp. With that, you’ll have more sleek hair growth.

Another feature that’s distinct with this product is that it contains proteins and amino acids. This is because our hair is made up of the same protein found in our nails and skin. It is called keratin and it is very important for hair health. Depriving your body of protein does not only reduces your muscle mass, it also reduces your hair. You wouldn’t like it.

If you love botanical smells from the continent of Europe, then using this could make your hair smell like France or Germany. Who would want to smear something that smells like vinegar or wood? Probably no one so this makes it a big plus.

Don’t wait for your hair to fall off from your head in your later years. Start young and probably your hair would be saved and you will be saved from low self-esteem and embarrassment.

Susan Ehlers

Susan Ehlers

Susan was born and raised in Seattle, where she studied Biology. Now she works as a health and nutrition coach. In her free time she enjoys canoeing and hiking together with her husband.
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