A Mason Pearson brush is, so to speak, the “premium brand” among boar bristle brushes. Find out why they are considered premium and why I see it the same way by reading my Mason Pearson brush review.

Mason Pearson brushes are handmade and are not mass-produced industrial products. Only the best materials are used. Of course this also guarantees that only 100% genuine, pure and hand-picked wild boar bristles are used.

This unbeatable quality gives the brushes of the English manufacturer based in London an absolutely unique selling point. About 60 employees work on each brush until it is perfectly finished. Even the traditional packaging promises great things.

The wild boar bristles are inserted into a pneumatic rubber cushion and fixed. The inventor Mason Pearson came up with this idea in 1885. The cushion absorbs the pressure and transfers the force further into the bristles, which finally pleasantly brush the hair.

The exciting question is whether it is now worthwhile to buy a Mason Pearson brush. Especially people with very thick and long hair get problems if they buy a cheaper boar bristle brush. The extremely hard wild boar bristles, supported by additional nylon bristles, manage to get through to the scalp without any problems.

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Mason Pearson brush for your hair type

The texture, elasticity and growth rate of your hair depends on your genetics. Fortunately, all other aspects that are responsible for the health and beauty of your hair can be influenced. There are special brushes for each individual hair type. It is also important that you choose the correct size for comfortable use.

Basically, the following recommendations apply:

  • Fine to normal hair: pure wild boar bristles
  • normal to thick or long hair: wild boar bristles mixed with nylon pins
  • Thick to wiry hair: Nylon pins only

As an addition Mason Pearson offers a “sensitive” version. This is made for people who have very thin hair or suffer from hair loss. The brush massages the scalp very gently without damaging the sensitive cuticle layer of the hair.

Furthermore, the brushes are available in different colours according to taste. These include:

  • black (blackruby)
  • blue
  • white (ivory)
  • pink

Different types of Mason Pearson brushes

Depending on the degree of hardness, number of bristle rings, size of the brush and special features, there are different variants so that you get the best hairbrush according to your personal taste.

Mason Pearson brushes are sold in different sizes:

  • large (large size)
  • medium (medium size)
  • mobile phone (handy size)
  • pocket (in “pocket size”)
  • large military (large, without handle)
  • medium military (medium, without handle)

The following table shows you which dimensions are actually hidden behind the size designations.

size overall length Length of the brush head width
large 22.9 cm 13.0 cm 7.7 cm
medium 22.6 cm 12.0 cm 7.0 cm
mobile phone 21.6 cm 11.0 cm 6.4 cm
pocket 17.2 cm 9.0 cm 5.1 cm
large military 13.0 cm Overall length = brush head 8.3 cm
medium military 12.4 cm Overall length = brush head 7.3 cm

In addition, the next table lists the individual brushes according to size and type.

  • 100 % wild boar bristles (only WB)
  • 100 % wild boar bristles as sensitive variant (only WB – sensitive)
  • Wild boar bristles plus nylon pins (WB + Nylon)
  • 100 % Nylon pins (Nylon only)

In addition there is a pure wild boar bristle brush for children in “pocket” format: CB4 – Child.

The “most famous” Mason Pearson brush is the BN3.

[table id=4 /]

Mason Pearson BN3 – the most popular Mason Pearson brush

The Mason Pearson BN3 is a very high quality boar bristle brush, made in England from the best materials. This brush consists of 12 rows of pure wild boar bristles, reinforced with nylon pins. Thus the brush offers the optimal care for scalp and hair as the wild boar bristles on the one hand distribute the hair grease from the roots to the tips and the nylon pins on the other hand massage and stimulate the scalp.

In the beginning the scalp first has to get used to the slightly harder nylon pins, but with time a pleasant massage effect occurs, which ensures a good blood circulation of the scalp, which again is good for preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth.

The pneumatic rubber cushion ensures that the brush adapts to the shape of the head.

The product is especially suitable for long and thick hair and for extensions. The brush glides gently through the hair. There is no unpleasant tugging when brushing and less hair is torn out. However, brushing takes a little more time. But with regular use you will be rewarded with shiny and healthy hair. The brush is characterized by good workmanship and a very long durability!

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Mason Pearson offers the right high-quality hairbrush for every hair type.

  • Dimensions (head length, head width, handle length): 8,9 x 5,1 x 26,7 cm
  • black plastic handle made of cellulose
  • 12 bristle rows
  • pure wild boar bristles reinforced with white nylon pins
  • especially suitable for long and thick hair and extensions
  • great craftmanship and long durability

How to take care of your hairbrush

Compared to the cleaning of conventional boar bristle brushes, there are some special features. Clean the brush regularly, primarily dry. Use a comb or a cleaning brush and remove deposits such as dandruff and hair.

In larger intervals the brush can also be cleaned wet. Use lukewarm soapy water for this purpose, but please do not use shampoo, as it usually contains oils and ammonia. Do not hold the brush directly under the water, but moisten the cleaning brush with the lukewarm soapy water and then clean with it.

To dry the Mason Pearson brush, simply place it somewhere where the water can drip off well. You should avoid rubbing the brush with a towel, because the bristles can break. If you have extra nylon bristles, there is a risk that the moisture will soften them. You can use a hair dryer to assist drying.


Although a Mason Pearson brush is not cheap, a purchase is definitely something you should think about. In the best case, you will have this brush for your whole life (if you treat it well). By treating your hair with this premium brush you will definitely see a difference and your hair will thank you for it by becoming shiny and healthy. Do you own a Mason Pearson brush and want to share your experiences with our readers? Please leave a comment below!

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Susan Ehlers

Susan Ehlers

Susan was born and raised in Seattle, where she studied Biology. Now she works as a health and nutrition coach. In her free time she enjoys canoeing and hiking together with her husband.
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