Many men know the problem, the hair is thinning and falling out. If you haven’t accepted this fact or don’t want to accept this, we’ll show you how to hide thinning hair and conceal bald spots.

How to hide thinning hair

Almost every man knows this problem: With increasing age, the hair on the head seems to become less and other parts of the body suddenly show new hair growth. If a bald spot on the back of your head is slowly becoming apparent, you can first counteract this with the right styling: Use matte products rather than wax or gel. They make the hair look thinner. If you notice that your temples are receding you can go for a Julius Caesar hair style or an undercut in order to cover them up.

Hair fibers help to hide thinning hair

If the hair is slowly thinning, you can also make your hair appear fuller with hair fibers. Small micro-hairs attach themselves to the remaining hair and make the hair look thicker and fuller. In addition, special pigments can be used to colour the scalp slightly darker. However, the whole thing only works as long as there is still hair present. If you already have a completely bald spot, hair fiber will not help.

Wear hats and caps

Headgear in all shapes, no matter if cap, hat or beanie, is worn today by many people and is, besides the fashionable aspect, also a good way to hide thinning hair. In summer, caps and hats are rather fashionable and are also often recommended to protect the scalp from sunburn. Check Amazon for a big selection of headgear!

Say Goodbye to long hair

As difficult as it may be: If the tonsure has taken on clearly visible forms, then you’d better part with the long main hair. Nothing is more embarrassing than a full mat that reveals a bright, bald spot at the back of the head. Or if you even try to conceal it with embarrassing covering hairstyles. With dark hair a bald spot is much more noticeable than with blonde or white hair. When your hair is dark the whiteish scalp shines through even more extremely.

The only way to keep really long hair a little longer would be to cover the bald spot with a strict ponytail. But if the braid slips, it just looks embarrassing. So you should rather do without such emergency solutions right away and get down to business.

Go for super short

Say goodbye to trendy hairstyles like the Undercut. A receding hairline can still be easily concealed with such a hairstyle, but not an emerging semi bald head. Instead, opt for a trendy short hairstyle. When worn short, the transition of the hair area to the bald spots is much less noticeable. If the bald area is still manageable, a layered short cut can make your hair look more voluminous.

If, however, a clear balding patch becomes apparent, the hair must be worn really short. About three millimetres, otherwise the bald spot surrounded by a thick mat of hair will catch the eye far too much. Sometimes the front of the head still has some hair. In their distress, some men use this usually sparse residual hair as a cover for bald spots. Forget it: when worn like this, your balding problem is even more noticeable. On the sides, the hair is usually even stronger, but here too, only a smart short haircut will help to counteract and hide the hair loss gracefully.

Go bald with dignity

If the hair loss simply cannot be stopped and the balding cannot be overlooked – then you can decide to make a bold move and just shave off the fuzz. Just like actor Bruce Willis or tennis ace AndrĂ© Agassi, you can decide on the probably most radical hairstyle for men and become a skinhead. In case it makes the decision easier for you: Many women like bald heads. Just 14 percent prefer men with hair. But remember: A shaved scalp requires a lot of care at all times of the year, after all, the protective hair is now missing. In winter, it is the alternation between freezing cold and dry heating air that gives the scalp a hard time. In summer, you have to protect the now sensitive skin from sunlight. Use special care products for men without hair. There are now care products especially for bald men as standard products are sometimes too aggressive for scalp.

Focus on your beard

Those who do not want to do without hair completely, they can simply dedicate themselves to their facial hair. And women love beards đŸ˜‰ Just distract from the problem zone and set a new focus. This can be a hip fuzzy beard, an extravagant moustache or the timeless three-day stubble. Each of the beard shapes gives you a masculine touch and your dwindling hair won’t be noticed as much anymore.

Celebrities go for hair transplants

For those who still don’t want to surrender to their fate, the only option left is a hair transplant. Men like soccer star Wayne Rooney, Hollywood Beau Matthew McConaughey or Tesla CEO Elon Musk are showing the way. By means of hair transplantation, hair follicles are removed from the sides and back of the head and re-inserted in the bald areas. These hairs normally grow for a lifetime as they are immune against DHT which causes hair loss in the first place. Depending on the severity of your hair loss the results can vary. In general you should not expect miracles and you also need to have patience: Most patients report proper growth after 5 to 6 months but the full result will only be visible after 12 to 15 months after the procedure.

How to hide thinning hair: Conclusion

If you came here to find out how to hide thinning hair and hair loss, I hope that this article gave you some ideas on how to deal with your hair loss. Do you have other tips on how to conceal a a balding head? Leave a comment below!



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