Thinning hair and hair falling out in large quantities is an issue that affects many men. In our culture, baldness is related to aging, so that early baldness or baldness in individual areas can lead to a reduction in self-confidence and well-being. But even if you cannot stop the course of nature in some cases, you have options to battle hair loss. For example, the option of using horsetail extract to combat hair loss and to give the hair follicles new strength through more vital substances. Especially in the initial stage of hair loss, when no bald spots have formed yet, hair and scalp care can stop hair loss with the extract of the horsetail.

Who should use horsetail extract for hair growth?

A healthy metabolism and a well-supplied scalp are the basic essence for dense and strong hair growth. If the metabolism gets out of harmony, problems with the skin and hair can occur. This is the case if you suffer from deficiency symptoms or tend to have metabolic problems due to stress. If your body is lacking vital substances, this will first be noticeable in the complexion, hair and fingernails. If there is evidence of hereditary or hormonal hair loss, the sole additional supply of horsetail extract will not help against the hair loss.

Nevertheless, you can use natural hair and scalp cosmetics as a preventive measure and stop the hair loss from accelerating in this way. If you have already been diagnosed with metabolic problems, the valuable ingredients of the field horsetail, which gardeners consider to be weeds, are a good accompanying therapy for external and internal use. Since herbal products can never be harmful or have side effects, nothing stands in the way of trying to strengthen your hair with horsetail. Even if the desired effect may not appear, you stimulate your metabolism and ensure a well-supplied scalp that is supplied with important nutrients.

Knowing the cause of hair loss is crucial

Horsetail, also known as enquisetum, snake grass or puzzlegrass, supports wound healing, gets your metabolism busy and ensures strong hair roots and fingernails thanks to its high silicacontent. Since horsetail extract for hair loss is a purely plant-based essence, application can begin at any time and as early as possible. That doesn’t mean you should lose focus on the cause. If, despite nutritious care, your hair continues to fall out in large quantities, a dermatologist should examine the scalp and your blood values ​​to find out the cause.

The most common reasons for hair loss are genetic or hormonal in nature, stress-related or caused by environmental factors. Deficiency symptoms can be found in the same position as stress and external influences. If your body lacks silica, the hair roots are weakened and your metabolism slows down. The two components are mutually dependent and ultimately hair loss occurs. f you know the cause, you can initiate the right treatment and rule out the risk of complete baldness.

You need to know that horsetail extract can only help living hair follicles. If a bald crown or receding hairline and a high forehead have already formed, the daily use of extracts from the field horsetail cannot promote new hair growth. In this case, you should think about a hair transplant, but continue to take extra care of your scalp and avoid deficiencies in vital substances.

The effects of horsetail extract on hair loss are briefly explained

Silica, is not only found in horsetail, but also in your hair, in your nails and in your bones and in your teeth. As an essential component of hair, silica ensures stability and a smooth, healthy structure. If your body lacks silica, the hair is weakened and ultimately falls out. Silica is also important in the area of ​​wound healing. Many hair problems arise from unnoticed small inflammations on the scalp. As long as the inflammation persists, your hair will not be able to recover and will react with shortened growth phases – ultimately with the death of the roots.

People with a lively metabolism usually have thick hair and firm fingernails. If the metabolism gets mixed up and slows down, the hair follicles are no longer adequately supplied, since the scalp is no longer supplied with blood properly and fewer vital substances reach the hair roots. In addition to the hair growth-promoting and structure-strengthening properties, horsetail extract is generally optimal for your health and lays the foundation for full hair without increased risk of failure.

Side effects of horsetail

If itching, redness or pain occur during the treatment of the scalp and hair with horsetail extract against hair loss, you should refrain from using it and see a doctor as soon as possible.

He can find out the cause of the adverse reaction using tests. Since the horsetail extract is often used in combination with other active ingredients, it is often not clear which agent is responsible for the skin irritation.

In this case, it is advisable to undergo an allergy test. Caution should also be exercised when undergoing physically demanding treatment such as chemotherapy. It is essential that you consult your doctor before using medication with horsetail extract.

Conclusion: Horsetail extract works against hair loss by activating the metabolism

Horsetail contains important herbal substances for hair growth and metabolism. Extracts of the plant have been used in hair care and hair problems since many years. Today we know that horsetail extract helps against hair loss, promotes wound healing and is a true activator for the metabolism. A combination of several areas of action can be used to stop diffuse, defect-based hair loss or scalp inflammation.

In addition, a lively metabolism ensures the optimal supply of vital substances to the hair roots and prevents weakening and the loss of hair follicles. You can tackle your hair loss with horse tail products without worrying about side effects and get a good result especially in the early stages. Even after a hair transplant Doctors recommend to use shampoo, tonics and oils with horsetail extract in order to accelerate the healing process.

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