What is Scalp Micro-Pigmentation? Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is the art of replicating tens of thousands of individual hair follicles by unique and specific tattoo techniques, which in turn re-creates a natural, very closely buzzed, full head of hair, hairline and appearance.

Who is this procedure for?

This procedure is for ANYONE experiencing or suffering from ANY type of hair loss. 35% of men experience some type of male pattern baldness in their 20’s. That number balloons to a whopping 66% by the time they are 35.

This procedure is ideal, as well, for women who experience thinning hair, bald patches and any type of hair loss from cancer or other medical issues. Scars from accidents, bad hair transplants or surgical procedures can be camouflaged as well and will virtually disappear with our blending techniques. Alopecia sufferers many times choose permanent make up options for eyebrows, lips and other affected areas. Scalp Micro-pigmentation will give them a natural hairline and the look of a full head of hair, closely buzzed, which until now didn’t exist and was never an option for them.

What is the healing protocol?

Clients will normally experience minimal redness for 2 to 4 hours immediately after each procedure. A barrier film and protectant will be applied to the scalp and the new treatment upon completion of each procedure as well. You will leave this alone and NOT TOUCH it at all for 48 hours. After that you will continue to maintain the new treatment with a mild ointment and/or “no fragrance” Lubriderm for a period of 5 to 7 days or until our following session. It is best to be super conservative when it comes to healing and after care. No direct sun. No chlorine. No salt water. No steamy hot showers. No sauna. No lotions with alcohol or fragrance. And MOST IMPORTANT…. The worst thing you can do during the healing process, is sweat !

Can people tell I’ve had scalp micro pigmentation done?

Unless you told them, they’d never know! No rugs, No plugs, No drugs. No magic potions. No spray paint. It’s Permanent. No upkeep. Just the illusion of a full, thick, healthy head of hair with a very close buzz. It will truly make you feel younger, people will tell you that you look 10 years younger and you will certainly gain back the confidence that you might have lost decades ago along with your hair. Of course people will still look at you, but they’re not looking at the ‘horseshoe’ or the ‘toilet bowl’ around the back of your head, they’re looking at how good you look.

What is the estimated cost for scalp micro pigmentation?

The cost varies from client to client, depending on each specific case and of course on where you are going to do it. For the US, scar camouflage usually starts around $1,200 and the cost can go up to between $4,000– $5,000 for someone with Alopecia who has no hair at all or someone who really needs their entire head done. Many men, experience a ‘horseshoe’ or ‘toilet bowl’ pattern and require a front profile hairline, the sides, the crown, the back and overall blending. This type of pattern will typically run $3,000 – $4,000.

How long is the procedure and how long for the “final look”?

Depending on the severity of hair loss be prepared for 3-4 sessions. If you come across anyone who tells you it’ll only take 1 session to achieve what you’ve already spent hours researching and are picturing….. RUN !

Usually the 1st session will include a brief face to face pre-procedure consultation just to make sure the patient and SMP provider both are on the same page as far as expectations. Then drawing the perfect hairline and getting approval and feedback prior to actually starting the procedure takes some time. Then the initial procedure itself will usually take a minimum of 4 hours of actual tattoo time to achieve a visible hairline and coverage of all the affected areas.This initial procedure is somewhat of an unknown for each specific individual as well. Every single person has different skin type, different skin tones, different levels of baldness, different amounts of oil on their scalp, different thicknesses of the skin, everyone ‘holds’ ink differently, etc.

Some people will actually lose up to 20% of the ink from the initial procedure because the body naturally wants to reject it (it’s a foreign substance). Some people will also go in the sun, shower, ocean, pool or sweat heavily immediately following a procedure or shortly after, when post-care instructions clearly say not to. Due to that expect 3 sessions for a result you’ll be happy with. All great things take time ! Most providers also give 1 year of unlimited touch-ups and/or grant another refresh session for way less money after 1 or 2 years.

Does it hurt?

Most clients say on a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 2 – 3 at worst. There are some sensitive areas where you may feel it a little more than in other areas but overall most people say they were on the verge of sleeping during most of the procedure. It’s not like a regular tattoo where the tattoo artist is using very large needles to cover very large areas of the body and grinding them into your skin like he’s doing a coloring book. This is literally 1 tiny ‘poke’ at a time into the epidermis layer of the skin, which is more controlled and will prevent ink from spreading.

Is scalp micro pigmentation permanent?

SMP is not a permanent solution. It typically lasts for around 5 years. After that there will be some fading and the patient is required to get a touch up which can be done within one session and usually for an affordable price. For some people the fading is quicker than for others which again, depends on your skin type etc.