Hair Transplant Prices and Cost

Many sufferers from hair loss search for years to find hair transplant prices that are within their budget. What many don’t realise is that hair transplant prices will differ depending on several elements:

  • What you want as an end result? And don’t focus on just in the coming years but when you are 80-90 or even 100 years old.
  • What can we source? How many grafts can we source.
  • Where? Depending on where you are going to do the hair transplant, the prices can differ extremely.

Price Comparison

Sometimes, the number of FUG or FUE hair transplant grafts to be inserted will be the determining factor of prices.

FUG and FUE hair transplant prices are determined in the consultation process and could be significantly less than the average estimate. This is why it is important to consult with an expert to ensure you are obtaining value for money.

The type of condition, whether it be hair loss for men, or other conditions impacting men’s and women’s scalps, will also affect hair transplant prices. If you message us we will give an unbiased option as to which transplant technique is best for you.

Our Consulting Process

The first stage in answering a question on the price or cost of hair transplantation, is to determine the result you are expecting. It is important that clients are specific & detailed in their communication when stating their desired result. We find that this element can take hours across multiple consultations to determine. The reason for this, until a clean and concise understanding between the client & the consultant or doctor is achieved, any further determination or evaluation of the cost or price of a hair transplant is going to result in any of the below:

Determination of a lower price leading to dissatisfaction of the result adding to the client’s anxieties. This happens when a hair loss and growth treatment plan prescribed is done to achieve a lower level of hair growth, coverage or density. It would be like wanting a 3 storey house from a builder, and at completion you receive a single storey home. This is why ensuring 100% understanding & agreement as to the desired result is essential.

The client pays a lower price for their hair growth treatment plan, and as the plan was built to achieve a result that varies from the client’s expectations, the client will never seek ultimate satisfaction and can feel betray or even more self-conscience about their appearance than prior to starting the treatment plan.

Hair Transplant Cost

The hair transplant cost can be the deciding factor in whether hair loss sufferers obtain hair implant treatment. What many don’t do is look into the comparisons of hair transplants over time. When comparing lotions, wigs and hair pieces, oral medication and hair transplants you will see that hair transplantation offers the most value for money in the long run.

Although hair transplant cost may seem like more in the beginning, it is a permanent hair loss solution that provides reliable results in the future. Because there are no on-going maintenance costs, once the hair transplant cost has been decided that is all you will have to pay. After the procedure, you can live your life without worrying about daily hair loss treatments.

The table listed below is a price comparison between products, medication and hair transplant options.

FDA approved topical lotion FDA approved oral medication Non-Surgical Hair Restoration procedure
(A wig or “unit” that is glued to your scalp)
A Hair Transplant via Follicular Unit Grafting
Chances of gaining more hair: 30% 48% 100% 100%
Likelihood of a dramatic increase in density: 1% 2-3% 100% 90-100%
Improved density in frontal hairline? Very rare Non existent Guaranteed Guaranteed
* Upfront cost for treatment: $70
(one month supply)
(one month supply)
$4,000 – $15,000 $15,000
What is the ongoing maintenance? Application of the topical solution to the scalp twice per day One tablet consumed daily Unit needs to be refitted at the clinic once every 3-5 weeks; Coloured every 3 months and replaced every 6-12 months ## None
* Yearly maintenance cost:
(excluding initial cost)
$840 $960 ** $4000+ $0
* Total cost over 15 years:
(3% inflation factored in)
$15,600 $17,850 $84,000 $15,000
* Total cost over 25 years:
(3% inflation factored in)
$30,625 $35,000 $146,000 # $15,000 – $30,000

** The hair transplant cost can vary depending on the place of purchase. The treatments can be found either less or more expensive than listed above.

** These figures are obtained from patients consulted us. These patients commonly quoted a maintenance cost of $4000 – $5000 each year.

# The hair transplant cost may be more if the patient decides to have a second transplant. Though the second procedures are a lower cost, this would bring the total cost over 25 years to about $30,000.

## The transplanted hairs never require ongoing maintenance but further hair loss may occur in pre-existing hair that surrounds or blends in with the transplanted region. Some patients opt to take one of the FDA approved medications to stop or slow future hair loss.