Retin-A is the kind of drug that works on a myriad of ailments and symptoms. Retin-A over the counter formula is used for the rather unsightly bumps and lesions that are caused by a follicular peculiarity colloquially known as chicken skin. Retin-A to treat lip lines is also available without prescription, as is the formula of Retin-A stretch marks suffers are purchasing at record numbers to get their tummies and thighs back into shape for summer’s bikini season.

Yet for the acne suffers whose face and oftentimes even chest is affected with the angry red outbreaks, over the counter Retin-A has only sometimes worked well. In cases of minor acne or for those who are suffering from the condition later on in each, the over the counter Retin-A cream is sufficient and has become a wonderful weapon in the arsenal in a sometimes disfiguring condition. In line with those who purchase Retin-A for the treatment of pregnancy stretch marks, those sufferers are fond of the fact that a substance closely related to vitamin A is useful, thus sparing them from having to use the much harsher alternative products that are on the market.

Yet for those who need Retin-A prescription strength, the pharmacy is able to provide them with a Retin-A which is indicated in even the severest forms of acne currently known. Retin-A products are usually either creams or specially formulated gels with a sometimes varying concentration of tretinoin, which is the active ingredient. The best way to use Retin-A depends on the severity of your condition and on the suggestion of your physician.

Generally speaking, it is wise to start off with a small dose of Retin-A in a less visible spot on your skin to ascertain the effects of Retin-A on your skin. You will want to rule out any allergic reactions! Usually 48 hours will tell you if you need to contact your physician for a different prescription – an itch or suddenly appearing red spots will tip you of to an allergy. If no allergic reactions are evident, then continuous use of Retin-A as indicated will give you the kinds of Retin-A results the substance is known for: smooth skin, a slowing of skin ageing, and a diminishing of skin outbreaks.

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