Peruse the Internet in a search for hair loss remedies, and the odds of your finding hair loss shampoos advertised are very good. Yet did you know that a hair loss shampoo alone and by itself will most likely to precious little to halt your hair loss and re-grow hair on a balding pate? Even the best hair loss shampoo is not formulated in such a strength or solution so as to penetrate your scalp in the brief period of time that shampoo will actually stay on your head in the shower. After all, imagine that any shampoo for hair loss will have to have sufficient time to not only penetrate the dirt, sweat, and normal oils that may be found on your scalp, but now the active ingredients will have to work themselves into the pores and follicles.

The average amount of time that a hair loss shampoo stays on the head of the showering hair loss sufferer is perhaps three minutes. Considering that some of the best known substances need at least three hours to effectively be absorbed by the scalp – this of course happens after the scalp has been properly cleansed from debris and other oils that might be clogging pores – it is hardly realistic to expect a hair loss shampoo to the job all by itself.

Fortunately, hair loss shampoo is usually sold in conjunction with a hair loss treatment system, such as a tincture to apply to the scalp after it has been thoroughly cleansed by the shampoo, and therefore it is important to understand that the shampoo is only a piece of the puzzle, with the products working in concert being the formula that promises success.

Yet for all the different kinds of hair loss shampoo products that are available for sale, there are also the chemicals in other shampoos that are actually being blamed for hair loss. For example, Clobex shampoo and hair loss have sometimes been mentioned in the same sentence and for those who are relying on it for psoriasis may wish to discuss their hair loss with a physician. Interestingly, other shampoos, such as Nizoral shampoo for hair loss or even generic forms of dandruff shampoo for hair loss, have been both credit with being a remedy as well as accused of being a cause for hair loss. Once again, a dermatologist or physician will be able to give you an answer if you fear for the health of your hair.