When it comes to the treatment of male baldness, Avodart is a medication that is mentioned frequently. Interestingly, in and of itself Avodart is a drug that is associated with the treatment of an enlarged prostate. It was noted that one of the Avodart side effects reported were a halt in the loss of hair. Reported by users of Avodart, body hair that may have been in regression due to male pattern baldness was found to stop its decline considerably after Avodart for prostate enlargement was prescribed and taken.

Yet because of the similarity of Avodart vs. Proscar, it is suggested that the manufacturers stopped pursuing the trials of the drug as it pertains to its effectiveness for hair loss sufferers. Information about Avodart trials leaked quickly to those who were aware of the uses of Propecia and other hair loss drugs, and even the rumors about impotence after Avodart use did not deter a good many men from putting their hopes in Avodart. Hair loss that could be treated with just a few soft gelatin capsules was worth the risk.

Yet when Avodart manufacturers suddenly suspended the trials with no explanation, potential patients speculated far and wide what the reasons were. At this point in time there are still no confirmed reasons for the cessation of the Avodart trials, and thus many patients have taken to seek a prescription for Avodart. Some websites are exploiting the off-label use of Avodart by actively marketing the drug to consumers and with flimsy online questionnaires, a large number of men have received the drug for hair loss treatment.

Posted Avodart before and after pictures showcase that the drug does indeed work for hair loss, and while Avodart and impotence mentioned together in one sentence are enough for a few to back off, the Avodart results that even surpassed the Flomax versus Avodart controversy have all but cemented the off-label use of the drug. If you are considering Avodart, questions should be discussed at length with your physician. Do not fall for the online sites that tout the Avodart experiences of others, but instead understand that each patient is different and thus only in close cooperation with your doctor will you be able to decide what is best for you. Furthermore, by being consistently monitored for the side effects of the drug, you may be quite possibly able to avoid a number of symptoms that you will want to avoid.