Aldactone is one of the drugs that seem to have a lot of different applications alone or together with other substances. Aldactone is actually the name of a drug that contains spironolactone. This substance is also contained in other medications, such as Berlactone.

What is aldactone? In the most general terms, aldactone has anti-androgen properties and as such is useful for those who experience conditions that call for a decrease in the body’s amount of testosterone. Aldactone for hair loss is indicated for women who suffer from hirsutism and wish to shed as much of the excess hair as possible and also prevent a re-growth. Aldactone is also used for those who have unclear gender characteristics and the decision is made to embark on a course of hormone treatments to bring out the female characteristics and decrease the male traits at the same time.

It is noteworthy that while the length of action of aldactone is somewhat prolonged, one of the most interesting side effects of aldactone rests in the fact that it decreases the risk of heart failure in heart patients. Interestingly, aldactone and dogs have been in the news with very much the same results! Yet while this is a rather positive development, other side effects from aldactone include a possibility of bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as an increase in cancer risk. Other aldactone side effects include erectile dysfunction as well as a marked shrinking of the testicles. While for those who are undergoing gender reassignments with aldactone appreciate this fact, men who are taking it because of heart related issues will not.

Aldactone and pregnancy do not have to be counter indicated and in fact if edema is severe enough to threaten the health of the mother, the drug is sometimes used. If a patient suddenly experiences muscle weakness, heart palpitations, and other symptoms, hyperkalemia caused by aldactone may be the culprit. Since this condition can lead to sudden death, the drug must be discontinued immediately. If you purchase the drug from an online pharmacy, aldactone prescribing physicians warn that you will need to make sure you are receiving the proper dosage to ensure that you will not experience side effects that may be due to the amount taken versus the drug itself. .

Treating acne with aldactone is done for those whose breakouts are hormone related, yet males should discuss this option with their physician at length. Hence, to buy aldactone – no prescription required – from disreputable vendors on the ‘Net is highly discouraged and dangerous since aldactone does affect the progesterone level to a certain extent. Thus, aldactone for acne is only useful in certain cases and not across the board.