Vitamin B6 has long been known to be a vital component for the wellbeing of the human body. It is the kind of vitamin that requires water in order to dissolve, thus it is very easy to metabolize, especially for those who are on a reduced fat diet. Since it is impossible for the body to produce its own vitamin B6, it has to be continuously supplemented. Fortunately, sources of vitamin B6 are plentiful! Beans, legumes and eggs are oftentimes mentioned as being the prime sources for vitamin B6, yet avocados, fish, liver, bananas and even brewer’s years are known to contain large amounts of it.

Vitamin B6 benefits have been documented to include the benefit of vitamin B6 as a blood thinner, as well as a major factor of decreasing the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, for children suffering from autism and also ADHD, vitamin B6, magnesium and other trace elements have shown beneficial changes in behavior. Vitamin B12 and B6 has been held up as being useful in the avoidance of morning sickness; you can buy vitamin B6 for migraines and other headaches, even those brought on by hangovers derived from an overindulgence of alcoholic beverages. Studies are currently under way that research vitamin B6 and herpes as well as uses for vitamin B6 when it comes to improved memory functions. Vitamin B6 injections are given to those whose immune system is compromised, while the advantages of taking vitamin B6 have even been seen in skin care. When it comes to acne, B6 vitamins may be found in brewer’s yeast that can be taken in pill form.

Yet for all its benefits, there is the chance of taking a vitamin B6 overdose. While in the course of normal ingesting excess vitamin B6 is excreted with the urine, a vitamin B6 toxicity will occur when you choose to take too much of the substance. Generally speaking, a sense of numbness may be felt in the hands and feet if you take too many supplements.

On the flipside of the overdose is the vitamin B6 deficiency. Since vitamin B6 is used for a great many different purposes, it is noteworthy that a deficiency of the vitamin is easily recognized in extreme moodiness and negative skin changes, such as lesions. While it is hard to come by a deficiency if you eat a balanced diet, it is possible for the vitamin’s absorption to be hampered through medication and also illness.