Natural hair loss treatments are reputed to be a wonderful alternative to the drugs that are currently on the market in order to grow back hair on formerly bald spots. While it is true that going natural is safe and a good idea for most people, there are some for who this choice is not necessarily a good one. For example, natural hair loss treatments almost always require you to follow a regiment that not only includes nutritional supplements, but also shampoos, specially formulated gels, as well as revitalization treatments that will need to be applied at very specific intervals so as to work in their most effective manner.

Furthermore, some natural hair loss treatments demand that you will supply alternating heat and cold to your scalp or use a specifically fashioned cap for this purpose. This will require you to not only plan out your scalp treatment, but it will also require that you plan your social life accordingly. To this end you will have to avoid certain activities, such as nights out with friends and family, and if you have a hard time with the reality of your hair loss already, the curtailing of these relationships will make the sensation of self consciousness even worse.

Perhaps the most commonly reported complaint about natural hair loss treatments is the high cost of the supplements and other treatment materials. Almost all natural hair loss treatments specify that in order to truly see improvements or be able to ascertain if the system is working for you or if you will need to try something different, you will have to wait at least three months, but more commonly five to eight months. This translates into many months during which you will be paying for products that may have little or no effects on your head. With the FDA approved substances you will have verified claims and within a few short weeks you will know if the system is working for you or not.

Last but not least, the natural route is not always the easy route. If you chafe at the idea of applying scalp treatments by the clock and if the ointments or tinctures you are looking at require mixing, heating, or cooling, then you may find that you will run out of enthusiasm after about the first couple of weeks. If it takes a long time for results to show up, this will probably discourage you from following through for three months, and thus the treatment will most likely not work for you.