Nanofibres are the latest offering from the European company Nanogen, a business which caters specifically to those suffering from hair loss. Just as the name indicates, Nanofibres are tiny keratin microfibres which are packaged in a shaker container, then dispensed into thinning hair. Because the synthetic fibres are electrostatically charged, they cling tightly and branch out in groups from the hair shaft, resulting in a fuller-looking head of hair. Read our Nanogen Hair Fibers review here!

Nanogen Hair Fibers Review

Nanofibres offer a painless, high-tech alternative to concealing problem hair loss. They are designed to work for both males and females of any age. The fibres are available in 10 shades: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Auburn, Cinnamon, Dark Blonde, Light Blonde, Grey and White. If desired, two colors can be mixed for more accurate blending.

The trick to making Nanofibres work lies in the specially designed dispenser. The Nanofibres jar is composed of a unique polymer which promotes a static charge in the fibres. When they are shaken from the jar, an electrostatic strip and charge-promoting mesh cranks up the static electricity even more. Fully charged, the fibres land and bind tightly to the hair shaft.

Once on the hair, Nanofibres bond in a fluffy branching pattern, which adds instant volume to the hair. While sprays and creams typically tint the scalp to conceal baldness, the fibres’ color and density result in a natural-looking camouflage of hair loss.

Finally, a related product called Nanogen Locking Mist® is sprayed on the hair, securing the fibres in place. You would think that a good shake of the head or a rain shower would cause thousands of little pieces of keratin to lose their magic and fall off, right? Not so, boasts Nanogen. The fibres are touted to withstand strong winds, rain and sweat, while still being easily removed by a good shampooing.

Nanogen Usage

Because Nanofibres are temporary, there are a few drawbacks to use. First, they tend to be messy since by nature the fibres want to stick to everything, so use caution when shaking the applicator. Nanofibres also aren’t a viable solution for those who are completely bald, as they have to have hair to cling to. Color matching is another challenge. While the fibres come in 10 different shades, it can be difficult to figure out the right shade to use, particularly for those with fairer hair.

Nanogen Cost

Be prepared to invest some cash if you plan to use Nanofibres long-term. A one-month supply costs around $20, not including shipping. The special Locking Mist spray will tack on several additional dollars to that total. Some Nanofibres fans use regular hairspray instead and claim it works just as well as the more expensive Locking Mist, so if you want to trim down the cost this may be the way to go.


Nanofibres are non-invasive and safe, providing a reasonable cosmetic solution to problem hair loss. They are easy to use, and provide immediate results by increasing the volume and color density of the hair. The result is only temporary though, so don’t expect a lasting result. Are you using Nanogen Hair Fibers? Send us your review to share with our readers!