The thinning of the hair entails a lot of uncertainties. Fortunately, nowadays there is a solution for this attack on self-confidence: hair fibers also known as hair concealer. But what exactly are hair fibers and how do they contribute to boosting self-confidence? We sought the answer for you.

What are hair fibers?

Hair fibers are fibers that attach to your real hair, so you can hide bald spots. These fibers are made from organic, organic keratin proteins. Keratin is the same protein that occurs in ‘real’ hair and is also the most important building block. The fibers themselves are statically charged, making it very easy to apply to the hair and scalp. These fibers then attach to your own hair, so that the hair looks fuller. The fibers are so small that it is also called hair powder.

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What is the use of hair fibers?

Hair fiber are make-up for the hair. It is a cosmetic solution that camouflages the thinner spots on the scalp. In addition, the hair fibers adhere to the hair, creating more volume. This gives you an optically full head of hair. In addition to covering visible bald spots on the head, hair fibers can also be used in the period before a hair transplant, when the hair is thin. Hair fibers can also be used after a hair transplant when the end result is not yet visible. This is because it takes up to 16 months for the end result of a hair transplant. Using hair fibers ensures a natural transition from thin to full hair. Hair fibers are also a great option for someone who underwent a hair transplant but has not enough donor grafts to cover the full head with a high density.

How do hair fibers work?

Hair fibers are very easy to use. You scatter them over your exisiting hair and that’s it. The hair fibers do all the work themselves. Because they are statically charged, they attach themselves to the natural hair. In addition, bare spots disappear like snow in the sun. Hair fibers leave no traces and are not visible to the human eye. Even a bike ride through harsh weather conditions is no problem. The hair fibers are also resistant to wind, rain and sports. The hair fibers only let go when you wash the hair with shampoo. To make the fibers adhere even better, use the hair fibers with a Hair Building Fibers Finishing Spray (a pure spray with a polymer protection complex to allow hair fibers to bind even better with your own hair). Another useful product is a Hair Building Fibers Applicator Comb, a special comb to accurately apply hair fibers for the perfect hairline. The use of these optional products provides extra shine and volume as a result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, we have listed a number of frequently asked questions.

Who are hair fibers suitable for?

Hair fibers are suitable for both men and women who are dealing with hair loss or thinning hair. The hair fibers can also be used in the run-up to and after undergoing a hair transplant. Finally, it is a solution for people with low self-confidence caused by hair loss.

Will the hair fibers stand out?

Because the hair fibers are so refined, they are not visible to the human eye. No one will even be able to see it from up close. Because hair fibers adhere so well, they do not stain clothing or furniture and you can even sleep with it.

How do I choose the right color?

Many hair fiber companies offer more than 8 different colors, including gray. When your color is between exactly 2 colors, it is wise to purchase both colors. We recommend applying the dark color first.

Can I use other hair products in combination with hair fibers?

Hair fibers must be applied to dry hair. If you want to use a styling product, apply the hair fibers afterwards.

Are you ready to boost your confidence? Do you also want to have a fuller hair and bald spots covered within 30 seconds? Then check our hair fiber reviews below! Do you have any questions about hair fibers or other products? Feel free to get in touch!

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