Propecia is the only FDA approved a medication that can be taken orally to treat your hair loss issues. Finasteride is the generic version of this medicine. As it mostly treats the male baldness or male pattern hair loss, it is widely prescribed for men when compared to women. In women, this pill is prescribed only when they have hair loss problem after the childbirth or during the postpartum stage. It is also taken by kids or children those who have this issue at their early stage as a hereditary disease. You can buy prescribed Propecia online at a cheaper rate. It is better to have basic knowledge about the medicine before using it once it is prescribed to you.

How does Propecia work?

The DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is responsible for weak hair or hair damage which make the hair thin or shrink. By taking Propecia this situation might change as this medicine would react with chemicals and change the hormones which help to improve the strength of the hair. Finasteride is considered as an inhibitor of type II 5–alpha-reductase, as this enzyme would increase the conversion of testosterone into DHT. By inhibiting this conversion, this hair loss medication would improve the hair follicle strength. This is the medically proven method to stop male pattern baldness or hair loss.

propecia for hair loss

The effectiveness of Propecia in treating baldness or hair loss

For many years, Propecia hair loss medication holds the trusted status from the user experiences. This made the FDA  approve this medication for long-term use for male pattern baldness or hair loss. Many studies have shown that 90 % of Propecia users results show not only reduced hair loss but also have the traces of hair gain or growth under the proper intake.

How should you take Propecia(Finasteride) to treat hair loss?

It is advised to take Propecia as prescribed by the doctor. If you don’t stick to the plan, this might lead to several side effects. Before taking this pill, one should read the instruction manual completely to know the facts about this hair loss medication. One should not take more than a single tablet per day. It is better to maintain the same time for taking the pill every day for effective results. This hair loss pill is a long-term drug. It would take at least 6 months to 1 year for new hair growth. One would experience the positive effects after few months of continuous consumption.


A single tablet equivalent to 1mg of Finasteride should be taken daily along with water. It could be taken before or after the food.

Increasing the dose would result in side effects.

If you have missed the dose, it is advised to skip that particular dose.

5mg or 1mg – Which is better?

The commonality between the different dosages of Propecia is always a topic of discussion. Since many men are looking to prevent hair loss they would be wondering to know which dosage is better and what the exact use of both versions of the drug would be to prevent the hair loss. The main difference lies in the use of the drugs and the amount of finasteride contained in the tablets.

1mg vs 5mg

Propecia 1mg is primarily designed for preventing hair loss whereas Propecia 5 mg which is also known as Proscar is used in the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Basically, men with an enlarged prostate can commence their treatment with Proscar after checking with a medical professional.

Propecia 1mg as the name suggests has 1mg of finasteride and Proscar has 5mg of finasteride. Finasteride basically works by preventing the conversion of DHT molecule from testosterone. These reduced DHT levels can contribute to

  • Reduction in the size of enlarged prostate gland
  • Reduction in hair fall

80% of men who have taken Finasteride for treating the above conditions have reported positive effects. Originally the drug was developed for the treatment of BPH and hair growth was found to be a side effect. To enhance the potential of this side effect, the company started manufacturing finasteride in 1mg doses. Now both the drugs Propecia and Proscar have been officially approved by the FDA.

Can Propecia and Proscar be used interchangeably?

Both Propecia pills and Proscar pills can be used for the purposes mentioned above. But buying 1 mg Propecia is sufficient for curbing hair loss and buying 5 mg for treating hair loss is not proven to bring better hair growth. Taking Propecia for BPH might not be sufficient to treat the condition. So it is better to use whatever version is prescribed to you.

There are also people who use Propecia without prescription. Some people speculate that buying Proscar and splitting it into 4 parts can bring great cost savings than buying Propecia in large numbers at once. However, it is not safe to do the splitting by yourself as there is no way to gauge how much dosage you are exactly consuming. This procedure of splitting the pill and saving the cost should be first verified by a physician before applying it in action.

Which form of Propecia is better?

In reality, there is no huge difference between the two as they both have finasteride as their active ingredient in the required amount. Both of them treat different conditions although they can be used interchangeably with doctor’s advice and only if necessary. But since Propecia 5mg has the higher quantity of finasteride in it, it might have greater potential to result in side effects. But if you are suffering from BPH, this version of Propecia is the best medicine for you and if you are suffering from hair loss then Propecia 1mg is the best medicine for you.

Can I buy Propecia without seeing a doctor and without prescription?

It is absolutely possible to buy Propecia online without seeing your doctor or when you do not own a prescription. You can buy the hair loss medication from online pharmacies without much distress.

What should I do if I don’t have a Propecia prescription?

Well, if you don’t own a prescription for purchasing this hair loss medication to treat male pattern baldness, you can definitely get one. There are various possibilities wherein you will be able to avail a prescription to buy the hair growth medication. Before that, do you need a prescription for Propecia? Yes, as Propecia is basically a prescription medication, so having one is necessary. People having a written prescription from their doctor can buy this product from local drug stores. But what about those who do not have a prescription from their doctor? There is an easy way for people to buy Propecia for hair loss online. They can do so via an online pharmacy by requesting an online prescription.

What is the first step to buying your Propecia pills online?

The first and foremost step involved to purchase the hair growth aiding medication is to get an online prescription. All you need to do is browse for various online pharmacies that sell high-quality Propecia pills and also offer prescriptions to buy your Propecia medication. If you find one, then check for the authenticity of that online drugstore and see if the online pharmacy is a licensed one. If yes, then you can proceed and request the online Propecia prescription. The online consultants usually about vital details like your age, any past medical condition, past medical records so as to analyze and assess your current health condition. The doctor might want to know about the response of your body to the medication so that they can give you the online prescription.

And then?

Upon verifying your current health condition, the online doctor will issue you the e-prescription to enable you to buy Propecia pills online. With the online prescription, you can place an order for Propecia medicine in as many numbers as required. When you have ordered the medicine, the next step is that you need to make the payment for the number of Propecia pills you have ordered. The drugs are then delivered to your location within the estimated time at your doorstep. Therefore, you do not have to run hither and thither in search of this hair loss restoration drug. The medicines are delivered to you from safe hands and from safe pharmacies with which you will be able to treat your condition efficiently.

Side effects of Propecia

Despite the effectiveness of this pill in treating the male baldness, it can also cause some side effects to the users due to the non-acceptance of the medication. Few men are found with declined sexual interest after the use of this medication. The prolonged usage may affect the reproductive organs and result in affecting libido and sexual activities. There are also no long term studies on the effect of Propecia to a person’s overall health.

Precautions before taking Propecia

If you are allergic to any active compounds in Propecia, it is important to let your doctor know about this. It is better to know the side effects of finasteride before taking it. It is necessary to know the cause of hair loss in order to find out whether it makes sense to take the medication or not. Avoid taking any other sedatives or drugs which might interact with Propecia as this might cause major side effects.