FDA approved treatments for hair loss might be few and far between, but since they passed the rigorous requirements set forth by the FDA, the odds are good that the product is safe and that all the claims the manufacturer makes have actually been researched and proven to be true. While FDA approved treatments do not guarantee that your bald head will soon be sporting tresses that make Samson jealous, the odds of the product working are good. Furthermore, since the Food and Drug Administration did give a seal of approval to the substance, your doctor will know exactly what the ingredients are and whether or not any of them may have adverse effects on you because of any prescription drugs you may be taking.

Failure to use FDA approved treatments for hair loss does not necessarily mean that you will not grow hair. As a matter of fact, many of the products that are currently being sold without FDA approval – usually they are sold as cosmetics and are therefore available without a prescription over the counter – have been shown by many users to have great effects and even to grow hair on heads that may have used the approved substances in vain. Unfortunately, while the effectiveness of some of the products is not in question, the overall effectiveness of these substances is indeed rather questionable.

Consider the fact that almost anyone can build a website and market some non-FDA approved treatments for hair loss. Use a few pictures – which may or may not be genuine – post some testimonials that may have just as much basis in reality and all you need is a good search engine rating in order to make a good business. In addition to the foregoing, while FDA approved treatments must prove their claims, herbal substances may claim that it might take up to a year to see any results at all, and thus it is always possible to hide behind the claim that the consumer simply did not wait long enough to see the benefits of the products. Adding insult to injury, if all else fails, the company may claim that you may fall under the 14 percent that simply do not respond to the treatment. Staying with the FDA approved products will help you to find out early on if you are wasting your money or if you will actually grow back your hair.