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What do hair formula 37 or Viviscal promise to those in search for a healthy mane? The answer is simple: a hair loss treatment that bases its success on a combination of nutritional supplements as well as hair care products all designed to work together in an effort to cause growth where there is none, and maintain healthy growth where there still is some. Viviscal is perhaps best known for its semi-unorthodox ingredients, namely extracts from maritime creatures.

Pictures of new hair growth from Viviscal patients may be found on the ‘Net. These photos from use of Viviscal are used to showcase the claim that Viviscal will take a head of healthy hair and further increase the follicles’ overall health and production, thus causing hair to grow faster and stronger, and giving those who may be worried about thin hair and opportunity to experience rich, thick heads of hair. We were curious whether Viviscal really works and Diane, one of our readers, sent us her Viviscal review to share on the Hair Loss Advisor.

Viviscal Review 2020 by Diane

Never in my wildest dreams or nightmares had I thought that women could suffer from baldness. The cause of my baldness was even more unbelievable and in part ironic. After undergoing an extensive medical history and pull tests, the cause was pinpointed to be spending too much time fixing and pampering my hair. I was diagnosed with alopecia due to hair treatments.

My crowning glory was gone, but I was determined to reclaim it. At first, I was prescribed several drugs such as minoxidil. But after months of taking them, nothing happened except patchy regrowths. I was told only people with alopecia areata would benefit from the drug. Hair transplant surgery was out of the question. Not knowing what more to do, I joined a support group. It was there I got to know my miracle worker, Viviscal Hair Nutrient Tablets.

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Zooming In On Product Features Of The Viviscal Hair Nutrient Tablets

Below are features about the product why it is recommended by 8 out of 10 doctors and used by famous celebrities:

  • Supplies 100 percent of your daily recommended dietary intake of vitamin C needed by your connective tissue.
  • Contains 600 mg of AminoMar C extract known to be powerful in nourishing thinning hair and promoting the growth of existing hair.
  • Has 240 mg of Acerola Cherry Extract, which has antioxidant properties.
  • Gives 60 mg of Horsetail extract that has the highest silicon content and known for its bone building properties.

What You’ll Love About Viviscal Hair Nutrient Tablets

The following outlines the specific reason why since my discovery of the product, I have never missed a day of taking it:

All Natural

Before, when I was taking medications to cure my alopecia, I would worry incessantly about the little warning in the drug insert giving the side and adverse effects. I felt that if I didn’t develop them from taking the drugs, I would acquire them because of my fear that I would, form a disorder of some sort. When I was recommended by my co-support group member to take Viviscal, the first thing I did was check whether it had any side or adverse effects. Because it contained only natural ingredients, you can use the supplement daily without worrying about interaction from food or other drugs.

Works Step By Step

Unlike other supplements that give you a long list of ingredients and some mumbo jumbo explanation of why you expect the product to work, Viviscal is actually backed up science. It has this four step process of helping you get those long and thick locks you want. First, it nourishes your hair follicles, where hair development begins. Then it promotes the growth of existing hair while strengthening it. Third, it targets hair that has stopped growing or slowed down. And the fourth and final step, it makes your hair more healthy, strong, and vibrant. All these were documented from the conduct of clinical trials.

Beautiful Hair Without Any Hassles

My taking the supplement actually paid off in just 2 months. The product says you have to take it for 4 to 6 months, but it took me earlier to get the desired results that I wanted despite my existing condition. Viviscal actually saved me from all the pain and trouble of having to undergo surgery such as hair transplantation, not to mention the cost. It also helped me avoid the embarrassment of having to wear a wig. I actually bought one and wore it only for 1 week because of being cumbersome. You just have to take two tablets daily and beautiful hair is well within your reach.

Instant Results

When you have tried different drugs and products like I did and still nothing works, you just take on this generally skeptic attitude. At the start, I guess I just wanted to prove the claims wrong so I conducted a mini-experiment. I measured my longest hair patch, and took note of this. I really did not believe the results after two weeks of using the product. My hair was about a quarter of an inch longer. When you have retarded hair growth like I had, these results were astonishing but most welcome. Not only did my hair grow but my nails as well. You could say that I had healthier skin.

A Minor Drawback To Taking Viviscal Hair Nutrient Tablets

Some customers have complained that Viviscal does not work as the reviews claimed. One customer stated in his review that he has discovered the culprit to this problem. Because of the effectiveness and popularity of Viviscal Hair Tablets, there are several imitations of the product. So to avoid wasting your money on fake products, be sure to buy from an accredited dealer or a legitimate Website.

What Others Are Saying About The Viviscal Growth Supplement

To prove that Viviscal Hair Tablets are as effective as this Viviscal review claims, below presents accounts of not only satisfied customers but that of experts and celebrities as well:

  • Irini Dobeck says it’s definitely a product that gives interesting results and rates it five stars. The customer recounts how much of her hair has grown and improved appearancewise since she started taking the supplement.
  • Dr. Alan Bauman says that he has heard countless of success stories from his patients who have used Viviscal. He has helped patients achieve self-improvement by prescribing the product.
  • Finola Hughes, Emmy award winning actress, says there is no doubt her hair is longer and thicker since taking Viviscal. The supplement helps her look and feel good from the inside.
  • Harpers Bazaar magazine says the supplement is a celebrity must. The magazine names it as a favorite hair booster of celebrities.

Last Say From An Ex-Alopecia Patient

viviscal review diane
I couldn’t be happier with my hair now

If Viviscal Hair Nutrient Tablets worked for a hard to cure remedy like my alopecia how much more for people just wanting to have celebrity-like hair? And you can too have the hair that you have longed for just like the locks of Finola Hughes, Liv Tyler, and Reese Witherspoon. The good news is, you don’t have to spend much. For 39 dollars or so, you will have 60 tablets for a month’s supply of the supplement. This is considerably less than the cost of subscribing to saloon services that don’t give you the results and the permanency in results you desire.

Important note to my dear Viviscal review reader: Please be aware that Viviscal does not work overnight. This is sometimes a bit of a let down for those who are struggling with their hair loss and who are looking to the Viviscal hair set as a quicker solution to halting and reversing their hair loss. Be patient and I am sure you will see good results in the end.

Before you decide to use this product, it is a good idea to speak to your physician. Obtain the ingredients and ask for advice on whether or not there could be any harm to your system if you were to try it. Furthermore, if you are currently taking any medications, you will want to ensure that the supplements will not contraindicate the drugs you are prescribed. Last but not least, consider whether you will have the patience needed to see through a regimen that will take a few months to show results – if it works for you at all – rather than go for a substance that will show results sooner.

I hope my Viviscal review helped you on your journey to healthier hair. Thanks for reading!


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