What do hair formula 37 or Viviscal promise to those in search for a healthy mane? The answer is simple: a hair loss treatment that bases its success on a combination of nutritional supplements as well as hair care products all designed to work together in an effort to cause growth where there is none, and maintain healthy growth where there still is some. Viviscal is perhaps best known for its semi-unorthodox ingredients, namely extracts from maritime creatures.

Pictures of new hair growth from Viviscal patients may be found on the ‘Net. These photos from use of Viviscal are used to showcase the claim that Viviscal will take a head of healthy hair and further increase the follicles’ overall health and production, thus causing hair to grow faster and stronger, and giving those who may be worried about thin hair and opportunity to experience rich, thick heads of hair.

When asked if anyone tried Viviscal for woman, the short answer is somewhat. The manufacturers of Viviscal rest their results on working with mostly men of different age ranges rather than including women in each study. Thus much of the effectiveness of Viviscal for women is still subject to conjecture. However, since the Viviscal independent review online claims good success by both men and women, and since the Viviscal vitamins are considered to be a safe and herbal supplement, females are encouraged to also try the product.

It is important to realize that Viviscal does not work overnight. Those who compare Provillus vs. Viviscal almost always comment on the fact that the former is said to work within 30 days, while the latter does not show any results until about five months after first using it. This is sometimes a bit of a let down for those who are struggling with their hair loss and who are looking to the Viviscal hair set as a quicker solution to halting and reversing their hair loss.

Before you decide to use this product, it is a good idea to speak to your physician. Obtain the ingredients and ask for advice on whether or not there could be any harm to your system if you were to try it. Furthermore, if you are currently taking any medications, you will want to ensure that the supplements will not contraindicate the drugs you are prescribed. Last but not least, consider whether you will have the patience needed to see through a regimen that will take a few months to show results – if it works for you at all – rather than go for a substance that will show results sooner.