Tricomin is currently being sold by PhotoMedex which purchased ProCyte Corporation that originally developed this substance. Tricomin spray is an interesting product that is applied to the scalp in the hopes of halting and reversing hair loss. A Tricomin follicle spray review by those who use it has lead to the understanding in the industry that Tricomin is not using saw palmetto extract as a DHT inhibitor, but instead relies on copper as its main ingredient.

The benefits of Tricomin are listed as being an encouraging agent to amino acids that are vital in hair development and hair health. The company promises that by using Tricomin, follicle health will be fostered simply by inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase as well as increasing the production of collagen. Tricomin shampoo is another product in the same line that supplies copper to the hair and thus counteracts the slowly declining copper levels in your body.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Tricomin – whether it is the Tricomin restructuring conditioner, Tricomin follicle spray, or shampoo – is the fact that tests run by ProCyte were able to document an 80 percent success rate which were even taken as far as Phase II FDA testing. For unknown reasons, instead of awaiting FDA approval, however, the company chose to simply take Tricomin and market it as a cosmetics product. In light of the stellar success rate with this product, this is a most unfortunate occurrence.

Tricomin follicle spray reviews that were posted by the manufacturer state that the copper in Tricomin will go straight for the follicle and thus greatly increase their productivity and life. While follicles usually go dormant for a while, the copper is able to counteract the dormancy and instead encourage hair growth. Of course, there is more to the substance than simply the copper. In addition to copper there is also panthenol which delivers another punch to the overall effectiveness of the product.

It is important to note that you will need to use Tricomin over a long period of time and failure to use it long-term will usually result in loss of the hair that may have been re-grown as well as a continuation of the hair loss that is already being experienced. Thus, if you are willing to commit to a product for the long haul, Tricomin is not a bad choice. As always with the products that are supposed to encourage hair re-growth, it is important to remember that not each and every product will work for you; however, if you have tried the saw palmetto extract products before, then this copper based substance may be well worth another effort.