ThymuSkin is being marketed as a hair loss reversal product. ThymuSkin is available as a shampoo that needs to be applied twice each week in order to prepare the scalp’s pores for the other products. The actual treatment is done with a product known as “revitalizer.” This component of the treatment program demands that it is applied twice a day for about three months. Thereafter, you may cut down the amount of use to only once per day. According to the manufacturer, after nine months of continuous usage (following the strict regimen required) you will be permitted to cut down the application to every other day.

For those who need a stronger concentration of the product, ThymuSkin is also available as a gel that may used in conjunction with the other products. Because they are sold as cosmetics, there is no FDA approval needed and thus the claims made by the manufacturer are neither confirmed nor denied by the Food and Drug Administration. It is interesting to note that there is very little information available about ThymuSkin shampoo reviews conducted by independent labs. Furthermore, while the company does provide a comparison with other hair loss products, it focuses on the money spent over a ten year period of time, not over the actual hair growth that might be expected.

What ThymuSkin shampoo independent reviews have found is that while manufacturers of other products do offer a money back guarantee, the manufacturer of ThymuSkin does not. In addition to the foregoing, many other companies offer visible results within six to eight weeks, while ThymuSkin does not suggest any results until about six to eight months! For many this is a long period of time to wait to see if this product is actually working for them. While there are several ThymuSkin testimonials on the website of the manufacturer, those who are looking for a hair loss treatment, and ThymuSkin is suggested to them, do complain about the length of time it takes until results may be seen.

If you want to give it a try, a discount code for ThymuSkin shampoo may be found on the manufacturer’s website and also via some other online outlets. In addition to the foregoing, free shipping offers will further help in defraying the cost of the product. While the product does not have a money back guarantee, it does come with free shipping, if bought in certain quantities, and if this treatment option works for you, then this is money well spent indeed!