Revivogen is Dr. Alex Khadavi’s answer to decades or conflicting information given to those most vulnerable – men and women suffering from hair loss and acne. The renowned California dermatologist states that his foray into the world of hair loss was in part fueled by the many hair tinctures, and snake oils that were being peddled by those who would seek to make a quick buck of those who suffered from the effects of hair loss. Combining research with the ability to refute some of the oddest myths, the mind behind Revivogen contends that women’s success with Revivogen has been good and in an industry that is mostly marketing to men, Revivogen has been of interest to men and women alike.

Linking acne as well as hair loss to DHT (short for Dihydro Testosterone), Revivogen does work by incorporating enzymes which directly deal with the DHT that weakens the hair follicles until they are no longer able to grow healthy hair. It is interesting to note that DHT inhibitors, such as Crinagen + Revivogen, are not rare but instead many a natural product claims to do the same.

Revivogen itself is applied to the scalp only once a day and needs to saturate the scalp for about three hours. Thereafter you can wash your head and hair. For this reason many users of Revivogen prefer to do so at night before going to sleep, since this way the treatment is not interfering with their overall hair styling needs.

While shedding with Revivogen is supposed to be minimized, some of those using the substance seek to use it in conjunction with other methods, such as chemicals and also internally used soft gels. While Revivogen testimonials are inconclusive when it comes to the success rate with a combination of different products, by and large it is important to not use any other product within three hours of applying the Revivogen.

Thus far there is no independent review of Revivogen except by those who are taking it. Studies are published that speak of the effectiveness of the various ingredients, however, and like with all herbal tinctures, gels, and creams, the buyer will need to beware. Cheap Revivogen is not available, but some resellers oftentimes will offer free shipping or online coupons to help the first time user to get a taste of the product and its effectiveness. Users have reported good results but there are also those who have found that very little growth has taken place in spite of following all the directions.