Baldness is a problem common to men because it is usually caused by a potent form of testosterone called DHT. With ProFollica Hair Re-Growth System, the problem of baldness is easily reversed because the formula addresses the problem of increased levels of this hormone. Read my indepth ProFollica review now!

ProFollica Review Is the All-Natural Hair Regrowth System Worth Buying

ProFollica Review

Hair loss can be a very embarrassing feature. Apart from people who are proud of aging gracefully, those who are younger and yet are experiencing the effects of rapid hair loss dread the day when they would have to turn to medicines and other products just to grow their hair back. Understandably, many people, particularly those who took time to really look after their hair in their younger years, feel frustrated about hair loss and its repercussions on styling and physical appearance.

What Really Causes Hair Loss?

A lot of factors can be attributed to the triggering of hair loss in both men and women. Some of these include going under some form of medical treatment (for instance, chemotherapy can cause one to lose their hair in the process), a condition or an ailment, certain medications that you take, a lack of zinc in one’s body, too much Vitamins A or E and hair damage that can be caused by styling products and other harsh materials.

As one can see, while some of the culprits behind hair loss are those that are inborn or internal, other problems can be caused by poor hair care. This is why it is important that people turn to a hair regrowth product that will not only restore the fullness of your hair, but also bring it back to its natural vitality. Thankfully, there is a product out there in the market that can do that, and it’s called Profollica.

What is ProFollica?

For those who are still unfamiliar with Profollica and its benefits, here’s a brief overview for you. ProFollica is a product of Leading Edge Herbals, Inc., a company based in Gray, Tennessee, USA.

Profollica is a hair regrowth product that aims to help you grow back your hair, restoring it to full health, vibrancy and vitality. It is an all-natural hair regrowth system, meaning there are substantially less chances of experiencing adverse reactions to the ingredients contained in the product. It makes use of plant extracts and the substance found in it (to be explained in more detail later), which stops hair loss in its tracks and instead promulgates hair regrowth, with each strand of hair bursting with health and vitality.

The great thing about ProFollica is that it treats hair loss in both men and women. This is unique because many products are made for either men or women but not both. That means if a husband and wife are both dealing with hair loss they can safely use the same product. Profollica is ideal for individuals who want a thorough yet natural approach to treating hair loss.

Profollica makes use of a 2-phase process aimed at regrowing hair—this involves a gel and a nutritional supplement. Some of the plant extracts used in the making of this product include Kigelia Africana, Gingko Biloba, Cinnamomumb Zeylanicum, Salvia, Sclarea and Panax Ginseng. All of these extracts work together to promote regrowth and stop hair loss.

What You Get

ProFollica is a two-part system that allows hair to grow thick and healthy again. The ProFollica Activator Gel is applied much like a leave-on conditioner. Aside from its softening effects on the hair, the Activator Gel, more importantly, revitalizes the hair and reduces the level of DHT (the potent form of testosterone we were discussing earlier) so that hair grows thicker and faster. The third part is the ProFollica Nutritional Supplement, which stimulates blood to flow to the hair follicles and encourage healthier hair growth.

Profollica Ingredients

Profollica contains, among others, the following ingredients:

  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract which provides stimulation towards the hair follicles, thereby increasing the head of hair depth
  • Kigelia Africana Extract which blocks particular enzymes that are harmful for head of hair follicles
  • Cinnamomumb Zeylanicum Extract which lowers the quantity of DHT and bacteria from scalp by irrigating them
  • Salvia Sclarea Extract which stimulates and attaches to DHT, rendering it harmless
  • Gingko Biloba Extract which stimulates microcirculation within the scalp

What is this 2-phase process with Profollica and what does each stage do?

  1. The first stage is the application of an activator gel, which, together with a good DHT blocking shampoo, works to trigger new hair growth both in males and in females and reduce the amount of DHT found in the scalp—giving way to the growth of thicker, fuller and healthier hair.
  2. Finally, the second phase involves the consumption of nutritional supplement—pills that are designed to replenish the nutrient supply in your hair for added vitality and health.

With the regular recommended use of Profollica, you can experience a once-again healthy head of hair within 6 months.

DHT: The Secret Culprit Behind Male Hair Loss

When it comes to men in particular, it has been found out that the perpetrator behind hair loss is a type of testosterone called DHT, or Di-Hydro Testosterone. What exactly does this do in terms of this issue? First, it attaches itself to hair follicle receptors, which shortens the hair growth period—this in turn causes hair strands to become even finer over time, eventually making them too weak and fall out.

Second, DHT also causes the increase of sebum (or oil) in one’s scalp. How does this lead to hair loss? Well, too much oil in the scalp causes the clogging of pores, which then kills the hair follicle and causes hair to fall out.

The Benefits of Using Profollica

By using Profollica, you are not only guaranteed getting your hair back, but also experience a host of other great benefits:

  • Experience a safe and all-natural (read: safer and cleaner) method to curing hair loss, which serves as an attractive alternative to over the counter medications
  • Benefit from a unique, all-natural formula that makes use of vital plant extracts to stimulate hair regrowth and stop hair loss
  • Reduce worries on adverse side effects, as it is an all-natural product
  • Be able to use the product for even colored and permed hair

Does Profollica Work?

ProFollica is specially formulated, using the latest hair loss research information available. The exact formulation of ProFollica was developed from years of research, by highly trained professionals. The ingredients, and their exact proportion, were chosen based on their ability to block DHT, increase blood circulation, and to revitalize hair follicles. These compounds have their first visible effects within weeks of starting use.

Is Profollica a Scam?

ProFollica is definitely not a scam and it is sold by a very reputable company. The product is specially formulated with natural ingredients by experts to help stop and prevent hair loss without causing any negative side effects.

It also comes with a refund policy, so if you feel that you are not satisfied with the product, you can simply return the product and get your money back. If you have any questions or comments regarding Profollica, you can easily reach their live customer service staff through phone or through chat on their website.

Product Guarantee

ProFollica’s effectiveness is guaranteed by a 100% refund policy. If, for any reason at all, you want to get a refund, contact the Leading Edge Herbals customer service department and obtain a return merchandise authorization. Once you have this, simply return the bottles of ProFollica products—yes, even if you have used them up entirely—to the company’s headquarters in Gray, Tennessee. It will take about a week for the refund to be charged back to your credit card.

Where to Buy Profollica

Profollica cannot be bought in stores, if you are interested in purchasing Profollica, the only place to get it is online at

Profollica Side Effects

ProFollica does not have any harmful side effects on the body because it only contains natural ingredients that do not harm our body in any way. It does not contain any artificial ingredients or any chemicals that are toxic and will not cause any negative side effects in our body.

However, if you really want to make sure, it is still advisable to consult a medical practitioner before taking any new supplements.

What I Like

The best thing about ProFollica is that it is made of 100% natural ingredients. This means there are no harmful chemical toxins that pose dangerous side effects or lead to worse problems. I also like the fact that this hair re-growth system also includes a dietary supplement which works on the inside to bring back healthy hair.

What I Don’t Like

Although ProFollica can also be used by women, it was intended to be used mainly by men because the problem of baldness is much more common in them. Well, you can just imagine the tediousness of going through the three-step process of using ProFollica if you are a man. Getting ready for work will not be the same old wash-and-wear anymore.

Is Profollica for Me?

If you are experiencing unusual yet rapid hair loss even at a young age, then Profollica is indeed for you. Whether male or female, Profollica aims to reduce hair loss problems by countering the main culprit that stimulates it—DHT. And with its scientifically proven, all-natural formula, you are sure to experience fantastic hair regrowth without worrying if it is causing any ill side effects in the rest of your body that will crop up years later. If any, this all-natural formula is probably the best feature of this product, as one would be hard-pressed to find a similar product that does not contain anything that is even remotely detrimental to hair health.

If you haven’t tried Profollica yet, now would be a great time to do so. Don’t wait until most of your hair has fallen out before turning to a great remedy for hair loss. With hair fallout happening at a rapid pace, you have limited time to try to stop it before you go completely bald. Try Profollica for an all natural and healthy remedy to hair loss. Use it religiously, and in time, you will experience a head full of healthy, glowing-with-life hair that you will always be glad about regrowing. You don’t have to stick with baldness forever—with Profollica, the solution is in your hands. Now the question is, are you going to do something about it?