Nisim, also known as Nisim International, is a company that has specialized in the formulation of a variety of products that are marketed for those who are suffering from a variety of hair related issues. For example, their famous Nisim shampoo is indicated for those who are seeking to re-grow hair, while Kalo is a hair inhibitor. The company states that there are no Nisim shampoo side effects since Nisim is an herbal substance and not a chemical like so many other hair growth products.

Yet Nisim also claims to have scientific evidence on its side. In a study of 148 subjects suffering from male pattern baldness in various stages of progression, 85.7 percent of the participants showed an increase in hair volume (a decrease of baldness) by 30 percent within five months. Nisim hair loss products work in concert and the Nisim extract needs the scalp deep cleanser to prepare the head for the application.

While the results are most certainly quit promising, it is important to remember that 14.3 percent of test subjects did not find any improvement in their baldness. Furthermore, the Nisim was conducted only on men, not on women, and at this point it is unclear whether or not the same results would hold true for women. Last but not least, the only study ever conducted was held in 1993, and even though the study was billed as being open ended, there are no results to be found about the duration of hair growth and retention after the initial five months.

Nisim prides itself on its unlimited money back guarantee. If you find that you want to try the company’s hair growth products only to realize that perhaps you are a part of the 14.3 percent of individuals who saw no change, you will be able to get your money back – except whatever you spent on shipping. Furthermore, the money back guarantee is only good with the manufacturer if you purchased the product directly from them; doing so at a store puts you at the store clerk’s mercy to see if they will offer you a refund. More often than not, the answer is probably no.

Within the hair loss industry, Nisim is different since it offers a manufacturer’s guarantee but also because it only posts one study on its product – a study that is more than 10 years old, which in this highly competitive industry is somewhat odd. Quite possibly a good adage for this product is “let the buyer beware.”