When it comes to hair loss remedies, Nioxin is a name oft bandied about by those in the know. While there is not official Nioxin review that seeks to answer once and for all if the company’s products will grow hair on bald heads, that which soon becomes obvious is that there is more to Nioxin than meets the eye. First and foremost, the company was founded by a lady – which in and of itself is different in the hair loss industry – who sought to not come up with a miracle cure but a line of products that all work together to achieve a common goal. Nioxin hair products – such as the Nioxin shampoo, Nioxin scalp treatment 3 and Nioxin cleanser 2- seek to attack the problem of hair thinning from a number of venues, and when hair strengthening is reestablished, the substances seek to nourish the newly strengthened hair.

For this reason, Nioxin is sold through the Regis Hair Salons chain that operates some 11,000 worldwide known under such monikers as Supercuts, Cost Cutters, Vidal Sassoon, and Saint Algue, to name just a few. It is interesting to note that Nioxin for bald heads is not actually advertised as such, instead, the Nioxin products are almost always geared toward those who have fine or thinning hair. While Nioxin for hair loss is not advertised as such, many who suffer from this condition seek to find it the daily care advice that the products carry might lead to re-growth.

While Nioxin side effects are not indicated with the Nioxin recharging complex or the Nioxin gel, there are some facts to get straight. Nioxin is different from other products in that it very specifically does not claim to be a remedy for hair loss. As such, those who seek out Nioxin for the cure of male pattern baldness or other kinds of hair loss will find that the system may not work.

Nioxin – does it work for those whose hair is thinning? Nioxin wholesale suppliers and those who sell it in their salons are quick to claim that not only does Nioxin work, but it is so effective that repeat clientele come back demanding it. Those with thinning hair and those who suffer from hair problems brought on by styling mistakes find that the various components work together well to strengthen their hair. Insiders know that for hair repair, Nioxin works well; for hair growth, the jury is still out.