Have you heard of Hair Genesis? If you are losing your hair or worrying about a loved one whose hair loss is getting the better of her or him, you might have read up on the cures for hair loss and undoubtedly ran across the many promises and claims made by the company that manufactures this product. HairGenesis is an internally taken supplement that promises quick results – some as early as within two to four weeks!

Hair Genesis soft gels are to be taken twice a day – in the morning and at night – after a meal. The claim to fame for HairGenesis is the fact that it is considered a botanical. While its formula is said to be proprietary and the list of ingredients is a bit vague as to the actual content, the substances which do make up the gels are said to be safe and contain 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors as well as a gelatin that keeps them in suspension. Thus far, what has been identified are biotin as well as saw palmetto extract, which appears to be the main ingredient.

In addition to the Hair Genesis gels, there are other products that may be used to help encourage the growth of hair, such as shampoo and also an activator serum. Hair Genesis reviews stress the fact that unlike their competition, such as the Finasteride drug family, not only is HairGenesis safe for women but women are actually the ones who see a lot of good results with the product! Furthermore, a Hair Genesis coupon available online offer is a good deal for first time users, as is the HairGenesis™ free shipping offer which is also available online.

Yet does Hair Genesis work? The concise answer is “maybe.” Independent HairGenesis product reviews posted online by users offer a mixed bag of results; some state that they have tried saw palmetto extracts before and just like the other creams, gels and substances this one did not work either. Others state that Hair Genesis did for them what Rogaine was not able to accomplish. It appears that it depends on an individual’s susceptibility to saw palmetto extract’s workings that determines whether or not the gels will have any effect. By and large, the fact that no harsh chemicals are used in these gels is very much appreciated by the majority, yet just like any other botanical it is important to remember that none of the claims have been verified by the FDA, thus, let the buyer beware!