Commercial treatments for hair loss are easy to find. The Internet is full of ads, sites that tout the latest natural tinctures, herbal remedies, vitamin supplements, lozenges, and treatment systems that promise to re-grow hair on balding pates. Other commercial treatments include chemical solutions that may be very effective, but at the same time may spell serious danger for those who might come in contact with the pills. In some cases, birth defects have been associated with the mere contact of a pregnant female with one of the pills that might have broken or flaked.

Still other commercial treatments involve transplants or surgeries to alter the size of the scalp, thus seeking to reduce the actual bald surface area of the head with the help of the surgeon’s knife. Considering the desperation which some balding individuals experience, it is not surprising that even the most drastic commercial treatments will find someone to undergo them willingly and repeatedly, if necessary, so long as beautiful tresses are at the end of the line.

In recent years, however, the notion of embracing the baldness rather than spending a lot of time, money, and energy on commercial treatments has picked up a lot of converts. You will see more and more men who will embrace their receding hairlines and instead of trying to hide the baldness with ever increasing comb-overs, they proudly shave off their remaining hair in order to create a sexy bald look or opt for a hair transplant or micro scalp pigmentation. The notion that the bald pate needs to be hidden under a toupee (another one of the commercial treatments available) is no longer valid and instead men – no matter the age – will seek out a new look that turns bald into bold, and a naked head into a fashion statement.

Unfortunately, women have not been able to embrace baldness so easily and thus many are still laboring with wigs and specialized hair loss treatments. Those who are seeking to be trendsetters, however, have taken to cropping their remaining hair exceedingly short and sporting attractive scarves and even beaded fashion wraps around their heads. The results are some breathtaking fashion statements that not only complement the wearer’s style, but also showcase her boldness and ability to take life in a stride, which simply goes to show that commercial treatments for baldness are not always in the best interest of the user. When it comes right down to it, what a person wears on their head is truly secondary to the attitude with which the person displays it.