Many women suffer from increased hair loss in summer. Usually, the hair starts growing again in autumn, so that there is no serious problem. However, women with hereditary hair loss should be careful. Here you can find out why hair falls out in summer and what can be done about it.

Why does hair loss occur more frequently in summer?

Hair loss in summer is mainly diffuse and not a myth. Doctors at the University Hospital in Zurich have carried out studies and found that women in particular lose more hair in summer than in winter. There are several reasons that lead to hair loss. Firstly, evolutionary biologists say that it is a remnant of the “coat change” with which our body adapts to the higher temperatures. But there are other explanations.

Due to higher temperatures and UV radiation at the beginning of summer, more hairs pass from the growth phase to the resting phase. After the short resting phase of about 14 days, the hairs fall out. Often the hair loss is therefore strongest at the end of summer or between summer and autumn. Expressed in numbers, the correlation becomes clear. Researchers have found that up to 70% of the hair is in the resting phase in July. For comparison: Normally, about 80 % is in the growth phase. You can find out how heat affects the hair’s growth cycle regardless of the season here.

Other factors contributing to increased hair loss in the summer months:

  • Sweat production increases. The sweat glands on the scalp can become inflamed and even clogged. Problems of the scalp, especially inflammation, are closely related to hair loss.
  • Especially for the summer holidays many women strive for a “bikini figure”. Extreme diets can lead to a lack of nutrients, which also impairs hair growth.
  • Finally, unhealthy food such as high-fat meals, dessert, soft drinks and alcohol during the holiday is also a problem.

Is hair loss in summer normal?

Increased hair loss in summer is therefore normal. Nevertheless, caution is advised. Especially women who generally suffer from genetically caused hair loss have to be careful. While a loss of 80 to 100 hairs a day is considered completely harmless, this number can rise to 150 hairs in summer. Anything more than this is alarming and is considered to be extreme hair loss. Since the hair loss is difficult to estimate, in case of doubt only counting helps. This sounds strange at first, but it is quite possible. The hair in the shower drain, in the comb and other losses are counted.

If women suffer from genetic hair loss, more hair falls out in summer, just like in women with strong hair. Unfortunately, these hairs do not grow back in the other seasons. Thus, more and more hair disappears every summer. For this reason, precautions should be taken to limit hair loss and protect the hair. More about this in the next section.

What to do against severe hair loss in summer?

Various measures can be taken to stop (especially diffuse) hair loss in summer. In the case of hereditary hair loss, special hair restoration products should be used in addition.

  • Avoid UV radiation. Especially wet hair is sensitive to heat and sun. Therefore do not dry your hair in the sun after swimming.
  • Eat a healthy diet! A balanced diet provides the body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs for strong hair growth. If necessary, take food supplements to cover all nutrients.
  • A homemade hair treatment or a high-quality hair oil nourishes the hair and delivers nutrients directly to the hair roots. They also prevent a dry scalp, which also occurs more frequently in summer.
  • The application of Aloe vera gel on the scalp counteracts the stress caused by the sun’s rays. The plant also contains substances that act directly against hair loss. Here you can find our recommended Aloe Vera product.

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  • Use natural products without chemicals for the hair. Substances such as silicones and parabens not only irritate the scalp, but coat the hair with a layer. Nutrients can no longer be absorbed in this way.
  • Natural hair care starts with the comb. There are great products made from natural materials, we recommend a boar bristle brush or a bamboo comb.

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Various reasons lead to the seasonal hair loss in summer. A slightly increased hair loss is quite normal. However, if the hair loss becomes extreme, further research should be done to find other causes. Especially in summer, the hair needs a lot of care. Eat a healthy and varied diet. Use natural products for hair care and treat yourself to a hair mask or a good hair oil every now and then. With these tips, hair loss can often be stopped. When the summer is over, the hair usually starts to grow back on its own.

Jasmin Brooks

Jasmin Brooks

Jasmin is a healthy living enthusiast who loves writing about hair care, natural beauty treatments and fitness.
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