With a weak immune system, you primarily think of an increased susceptibility to colds and viral infections. HIV and diabetes mellitus also weaken the body’s defenses. But there are numerous other symptoms that speak for strengthening the immune system and indicating an increased risk of hair loss due to a weakened immune system.

Around 85 percent of the population suffers from type 1 herpes which is therefore the most widespread immune deficiency in the whole world. In general, you should pay close attention to your skin and hair, because you can see the first signs of a weakened immune system system right there.

Why hair loss is caused by a weakened immune system

Your immune system is responsible for the defense against dangerous germs, viruses and bacteria. It protects you from infections and manifests itself in the fact that your skin radiates and your hair shines. We are exposed to environmental influences and major challenges every day. Even without conscious external influences, the body’s defenses have a lot to do to deal with daily stress and high performance requirements.

If hair loss occurs due to a weakened immune system, this symptom is usually based on a longer, stressful period or even chronic stress. Too little sleep, too much work and psychological problems can affect the immune system and lead to a weakening.

If you pay attention to your skin and take dull hair or pimples, cold sores and warts seriously, you will recognize that something is wrong, long before the condition becomes critical. Before the metabolism takes place in the scalp and your hair is supplied with vital vital substances, your body takes care to ward off external influences and the associated damage to your health. The weaker the body’s system, the less your hair is cared for and the higher the risk of hair loss.

It’s important to know the causes

A weakened immune system is always talked about very quickly. But without critically examining the causes, your body’s defenses and the self-healing mechanisms, a diagnosis of the strength or weakness of your body’s system is hardly possible.

Question yourself if you have ever had cold sores or fever blisters. Warts and recurring rashes with no apparent cause also indicate problems. The reason for your hair problem is most easily and quickly identified in a dermatological examination with a blood test.

You can strengthen your body by eating a healthy and vitamin-rich diet. Additional supplements that include zinc and vitamins such as Immune Defence can also help and compensate for deficits in your vital substance balance. Before you take care of your hair growth and think about the treatment of hair loss, which is caused by a weakened immune system, you should focus on your inner harmony and the strengthening of the body’s defenses.


Symptoms of hair loss due to a weakened immune system

If the hair falls out and the reason lies in the body’s own system, the hair loss usually does not come as a solitary signal. Other symptoms such as rash, herpes or blisters in the oral mucosa or on the gums are not uncommon. A pale complexion with increased sebum formation can also indicate the problem and can be associated with severe hair loss.

When hair loss occurs due to a weakened immune system, it is usually a diffuse hair loss which affects your entire head. Hair loss in one particular area occurs rather rarely, so that you do not have to assume immune problems when your hairline starts receding or when your hair is thinning on the top of your head. In addition to the visual signs, tiredness, fatigue and lack of concentration as well as the feeling of a cold are common accompanying symptoms when the body fails and can no longer defend itself against external influences.

Stress as the main trigger

You are actually very healthy, have no debilitating diseases and have never had an outbreak of herpes. But with a change in your life everything changes and suddenly you feel cut off and your skin sends out clear signals.

The hair is dull and falls out in large quantities. You sweat profusely and suffer from dandruff on the scalp. The fact is that the most common cause of hair loss is caused by a weakened immune system triggered by stress. This weakens the immune cells, which is also the trigger for more common diseases and infections. If this point is reached, your body has no strength to strengthen the hair follicles and hair loss is inevitable.

To deal with the problem and strengthen your defenses, you need to get rid of the stress. As a rule, this only works by changing your lifestyle and focusing more on yourself and your well-being.

Supplements help with hair loss through a weakened immune system

In order to get your immune system back on track, you can support it with a vitamine-rich diet and supplements. By using Immune Defence you can cover your needs for a healthy immune system easily by taking 2-3 lozenges per day.


What if the hair loss persists?

Even if you know the cause of the hair loss and your weakened immune system, it can happen that your hair won’t grow back full and healthy again. If the follicles have already died and fallen out, only a hair transplant can help.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia in a minimally invasive manner. The team takes grafts in the donor area and then transplants them on your head in the recipient area.

First and foremost, you need to strengthen your body and ensure that hair loss due to a weakened immune system does not occur again after the treatment. In the hair clinic you will receive detailed advice and examination in this regard.


Hair loss due to a weakened immune system can occur. The good news is, that the hair loss is only temporary. If you tackle the problem by boosting your immune system with healthy food intake, exercise, supplements and de-stressing, your hair will be back within a couple of months.


Kathy Duchamp

Kathy Duchamp

Kathy has been working as a freelance author for numerous online and offline media since 2001 - and since 2019 also for The Hair Loss Advisor. Following her studies in psychology and education, she initially worked as an employed specialist journalist and PR editor before moving to freelance corporate communications. In the last ten years she has written for a patient portal, a hospital group, two food supplement manufacturers and a pharmacy magazine.
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