Men and women suffer from hair loss equally, but they differ in the degree to which they experience it. Those who desperately long for full hair are quickly seduced by advertising to buy expensive tinctures, hair lotions and shampoos. There is nothing more obvious than to fall back on the good old household remedies that our great-grandmothers already knew how to use. For a long time garlic for hair growth was considered an insider tip for strong, healthy hair. Here you can find out how garlic works against hair loss on the scalp and what kind of hair loss can be treated with it.

One hundred hairs fall out every day

Every person loses an average of 100 hairs a day and that is quite normal. Hair does not live forever and makes room for new hair by falling out. One only speaks of hair loss when 200-300 hairs remain in the comb or brush. At first it starts with bald spots, the hair looks thin and the scalp can be seen.

If even bald round spots appear, there is a need for action! Although hair loss is only a symptom and not an illness, you should now have a check-up and advice from a specialist. There are many different reasons why men and women lose their hair.

Clarify together with the specialist what the exact cause is in your personal case, if you do not want to accept hair loss.

Many causes of hair loss

Genetic predisposition

If your grandfather had a bald skull when he was young, your hair loss is probably hereditary. Genetic hair loss, known as androgenetic alopecia, is responsible for 95 percent of hair loss and causes frustration in both men and women. The hereditary hypersensitivity of the hair follicles to male hormones causes the head to become increasingly bald.

Hormonal disorders

After pregnancy or in menopausal women, a hormonal imbalance sometimes leads to hair loss. Malfunctions of the thyroid gland also change the hormonal balance and can be responsible for hair loss.


The development of hair loss is promoted by fast food and low-nutrient nutrition. Fresh food with many vitamins and biotin counteract hair loss and promote the health of skin and hair.

Digestive disorders

Essential for beautiful hair is a well functioning intestinal flora. The body cannot absorb vital nutrients and vitamins if the intestine is not healthy.

Stress and psychological strain

If the soul is permanently under pressure, feelings of stress arise. After a certain period of time, you can see it in the skin and hair of many people when they suffer mentally.

Nicotine abuse

Heavy smokers not only take up nicotine, but also countless toxins. Nicotine is responsible for the narrowing of the blood vessels. Chain smokers often have wrinkled, pale skin. It is a logical consequence that hair growth also suffers from this.

Drugs and radiation

Serious diseases, medication or chemotherapy can lead to hair loss in the short term.

Is garlic effective against hair loss?

Okay, we are here in an area that is certainly not supported by studies. We know: Garlic has a vasodilatory effect and promotes blood circulation at the hair root. If you follow the reports of people who have tried this, you get mixed opinions. Some think it helps, others don’t. So, garlic shampoo is certainly not a remedy for all forms of hair loss. If we remember the causes, garlic is certainly not a treatment for patchy hair loss (Alopecia areata). This is a disease that belongs in medical hands. But what about hereditary/hormonal hair loss or diffuse hair loss? The “problem” here is that the growth phases of the hair or the proportion of hair that is in the growth phase (anagen phase) is reduced or, in the case of diffuse hair loss, in particular that the “rebuilding” phase (catagen phase) is increased.

Improving the blood circulation at the hair root should therefore have positive effects on the overall appearance of the hair. Thus, washing the hair with garlic shampoo would have positive effects on the overall appearance of the hair.

Does garlic shampoo promote hair growth?

Garlic is often mentioned as a household remedy against hair loss. So does garlic shampoo help against hair loss? The effect of garlic was already known in ancient Egypt. In Greece and Turkey, as well as in many Arabic countries, it is also considered a household remedy in many places and is even applied pure to the relevant areas. To do this, one cuts the clove of garlic into small slices and rubs them directly from the scalp. The problem among other things: you definitely have to do something against the smell. That is why a garlic shampoo is of course a very pragmatic approach. Because by processing with fragrances, conditioners or other additives, this odour problem can be brought under control.

Preventing hair loss with garlic shampoo

It is probably clear that garlic shampoo cannot have comparable effects to minoxidil, finasteride and other drugs. However, the question is certainly justified whether the chemical variant must always be chosen. Finasteride, for example, also carries the risk of side effects, which may not always be in proportion to the benefits and risks. Garlic shampoo provides existing hair with nutrients such as beta-carotene, zinc and calcium so that it can become fuller and stronger. The use of garlic shampoo is therefore sensible for several reasons:

  • Garlic shampoo is relatively inexpensive and costs little or no more than high-quality care shampoos in specialist shops.
  • Garlic shampoos are well tolerated. To be on the safe side, first apply the garlic shampoo in a small area and test if you tolerate it. If it does not irritate, itch or burn you can use it.
  • You can even make your own garlic shampoo if you wish.
  • Garlic shampoo is a supporting measure or a measure to prevent hair loss. Especially with diffuse hair loss, one cause is incorrect care or a lack of nutrients. Here garlic shampoo is a first gentle approach.

Garlic for hair growth for a healthy scalp

If the scalp is healthy, this is good for hair growth. Garlic is a cheap household remedy if you want to do something for strong hair. Garlic oil can improve the health of the scalp and hair:

  • has an antibiotic effect and cures infections and fungi on the scalp
  • relieves burning and itching of the scalp
  • prevents hair thinning
  • repairs stressed hair
  • strengthens the hair roots and stimulates hair growth

Homemade garlic shampoo?

You can make the garlic shampoo by yourself if you wish. The main problem is: it is difficult to get the odour problem under control with the domestic possibilities – i.e. without a laboratory. In order not to eliminate the effect of garlic, you have to press or add garlic. This extract can, of course, be mixed with other agents, diluted and also superimposed with fragrances. However, it is difficult to eliminate the unpleasant smell.

There is a recipe which recommends mixing curd cheese, garlic cloves, olive oil and organic conditioner. After a short test to see if you can tolerate it, you have to deal with the “smell problem”. This should then be done with the help of lemon juice and water. Ahem. On the one hand we pay attention to pH-neutral shampoos and then pour citric acid into our hair to cover the smell. Nope. Leave it.

There is also the problem that the shampoo has to be made on demand. Curd cheese spoils easily. So, in my opinion you are better off with a commercially available garlic shampoo. I personally can recommend either of the following products:

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Simple recipe for a garlic-oil cure

An invigorating hair oil from garlic can be produced easily and cheaply by yourself. You need:

  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 8 tablespoons virgin olive oil
  • Cooking pot (small)
  • Glass with screw cap
  • Bathing cap (alternative: towel or cling film)
  • Disposable silicone gloves if necessary

Peel the garlic cloves and put them in the small pot together with the olive oil. The cloves should be covered by the oil. Heat the oil slowly at low temperature. When the oil starts to smell of garlic, remove the pot from the heat.

Pour the warm olive oil with the two cloves of garlic into a glass and keep it closed in a dark place for at least 2 hours. During this time the oil absorbs the active ingredients of the medicinal plant.

Now you can remove the cloves of garlic and carefully spread the oil over your scalp and hair with your hands and massage it in gently. Disposable silicone gloves protect against the smell of garlic on your hands.

Then put on the bathing cap and let the hair oil work in for at least 2 hours. Alternatively, you can wrap your head with a towel or cling film.

The valuable olive oil with garlic can unfold its effect particularly well if it is absorbed overnight. The next morning, wash out the hair conditioner thoroughly with shampoo. Repeat this process two to three times a week for good results.

If you don’t want to make the garlic oil by yourself, you can also buy garlic essential oil on Amazon.


You already guessed it: Garlic is a brilliant medicinal plant that brings relief for many ailments. Garlic oil also definitely stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and together with olive oil has a wonderful caring property for your hair and makes it shine wonderfully.

There are, however, forms of hair loss for which even the best miracle cures do not help: In case of genetically caused hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) garlic cannot prevent hair loss. If you have inherited an aggressive form of hair loss from your family, the only option is a hair transplant.



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