It’s a real nightmare. You go with your hands through your hair and it falls out in clumps. Anyone who wakes up and realizes that it was all just a bad dream can consider himself or herself lucky at this moment. Dreaming of losing hair is not uncommon but what is the meaning behind your hair loss dream?

The world and life are becoming more and more hectic, faster and faster. The time to rest, to retreat into oneself and think about life and one’s own needs is often missing. And so the small signs of inner dissatisfaction, fears and worries as well as the desire to change something are simply wiped aside or even completely overlooked. But sometimes, if you have ignored the inner voice often enough, whether on purpose or not, the subconscious mind will come up and try to tell you what is wrong in life. Then it is time to think and listen to this admonishing voice inside.

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Dreams as a communication organ of the subconscious

The subconscious mind sometimes communicates by sending images and symbols to the sleeper in the dream to draw attention to something or issue a warning. It always speaks in a language that the receiving person understands and that is tailored to him or her. If you want to experience what the dream of the hair falling out means for you and your life, you have to take a look inside yourself. Some time of reflection and some thought will be necessary, the communication of the subconscious will also be understood. What does hair mean to you personally? Is it important that it is styled perfectly every day or is it enough if your hair is healthy and strong?

Another question that needs to be answered is what the loss of hair in your dream means in concrete terms. It can be the symbol for the loss of health, beauty or pride. The rest of the dream is just as important as the symbol of the falling hair itself. The situation in the dream should be considered as a whole and not just individual parts. If the hair falls out in a dream at a family dinner, it means something different than if the hair falls out at work, on the way to work or at home while doing housework. The way they fall out is also significant. Slowly, bit by bit, or is there suddenly just a bald spot? The whole thing can be transferred to the situation in life where something is wrong. Something happens slowly or the danger is that it will happen very quickly.

Systematic approach to understand the hair loss dream

First of all, it is advisable to grab a sheet of paper and write down what you remember when you were dreaming of losing hair. In which area of life did the hair fall out? At work or at home? Which persons were involved? Maybe the dreamer can remember certain details in the dream, such as a feeling he had or a certain place.

Was it at work, it is equally important whether it was at work or perhaps at a business dinner, an aperitif or during a coffee break. Everyday work often means exactly that: the work routine, what you do every day. Was it at a business dinner or a meeting? Then new tasks and projects may be involved that cause concern. On the other hand, if the dream was about having a coffee break with your work colleagues, there may be an interpersonal problem with certain people.

A general question that arises: What at work may be responsible for a threat to well-being, health or pride? Are there existential fears, stress, over- or underchallenge? Everyone should take a moment to consider whether they are satisfied with what they do at work every day and what they spend several hours doing. These are all questions that can arise in connection with work.

Thinking about your own feelings

It is true that the persons who appeared in the dream are important. But if, for example, the nightmare involved the neighbor, this does not mean that there is a problem with her or him as a person. Perhaps it also symbolizes society and a possible fear of the talk of fellow human beings in general. Is there a decision pending that could cause gossip? It is not the gossip itself that is a possible obstacle for your decision, but your own fear of the gossip.

The same is true for the other people who may have appeared in the dream. It is not them as persons that cause headaches, but that it symbolises them in life or the feelings they trigger. Children can stand for responsibility, but also for a conflict between self-realisation and motherly feelings, while parents, on the other hand, stand for their own upbringing and the values they have been taught along the way. The feeling of not wanting to disappoint someone can also be important. There are many other feelings that can be triggered by certain members of the family.

It is always necessary to look at your own feelings when dreaming of losing hair. What the dreamer thinks and feels is the most important. Because the subconscious mind speaks to the dreamer himself and not to his work colleagues, superiors, family members, neighbors or whoever else might be involved. And so are his feelings, concerns and fears that play a role.

Dreaming of losing hair: Important insights and decisions

The right answer is not always immediately at hand and it takes some time. Even though time is a factor that is often not in abundance, it is still necessary to sit down for a moment and think about the dream and about life. But do not put yourself under pressure because of this. Often the realization comes completely unprepared if you have not even thought about it. Therefore, take the time you need: the famous ‘Eureka’ moment will surely come for you too and all of a sudden you will understand what your subconscious wanted to tell you with the losing hair dream.

However, whether the knowledge alone is enough, everyone must decide for himself. But you have to consider that the subconscious did not want to tell you something without a reason. Should you only be told something or has the time come for a profound change? Listen to yourself. You know it as soon as you have understood the hair loss dream. And only you can make the decisions for your life.

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