Espresso or cappuccino? Matcha or black tea? Energy drink or Coca Cola with the extra kick of caffeine? Like most people, you are probably one of those people who, in one way or another, get their caffeine kick in the morning or often treat themselves in between. Although we consume caffeine several times a day, we still lose hair. How does caffeine help against hair loss? We are addressing this question today.

Drinks with caffeine for hair loss are unfortunately not enough

Although our daily caffeine consumption is usually too high and our brain cells are animated and activated, caffeine against hair loss does not work in this way. In order for our hair roots to be strengthened, caffeine must be absorbed directly through the scalp. By taking it orally, unlike many other well-known addictive substances, caffeine cannot penetrate our hair roots in order to have an effect in this way. Caffeine against hair loss must therefore be massaged directly into the hair roots via the scalp.

Massage instead of drinking

Every now and then, creative minds came up with the idea of ​​washing their head with a cup of coffee or covering their scalp with tea bags and massaging them lovingly. We do not know whether caffeine can work against hair loss in this way, for reasons of hygiene alone, we have so far been unaware of any such study. However, there are popular hair care products that contain caffeine  – so massaging instead of drinking is certainly more effective.

The effect of caffeine

Caffeine (or called tein because it is present in teas just as intensely, hence the name change) strengthens the hair roots and thus promotes their growth. Several studies have shown caffeine helps against hair loss. However, there is no clear scientific evidence, for caffeine against hair loss as the effectiveness requires a combination of several factors and is different from person to person. So everyone has to try and test for themselves whether caffeine helps against hair loss.

Special care products with caffeine for hair loss

Many people respond very well to the myth that caffeine helps against hair loss. The pharmaceutical industry has jumped on this bandwagon, well followed by the cosmetics industry. The range of various shampoos, tinctures, hair masks and rinses with caffeine literally exploded after the first successful studies. The selection is large today and seems to be growing steadily, the absolute miracle cure that helps everyone to battle their hair loss hasn’t been invented yet though. Advertisements tell us something different, of course, and promise to regain our hair after just a short but regular use. Unfortunately, this promise cannot be kept.

Depending on the cause of the hair loss, appropriate treatment methods are required so that even the best advertising promises cannot be applied to everyone. Nevertheless, there are no massive complaints from consumers, doctors or hair experts, so apparently caffeine should definitely have a supporting effect and do no harm to the hair and hair roots. The bottom line is that we can both drink caffeine against hair loss and massage it into our hair as care products.

Experts recommend caffeine for hair loss

Although there is no clear scientific answer to the question “Does Caffeine Help Against Hair Loss?”, doctors and hair experts tend to make a positive recommendation. Regardless of whether caffeine works against hair loss simply because we are believing in it, or actually triggers positive chemical reactions in the scalp, caffeine against hair loss can be used. The fact is, it definitely can’t harm us. As already mentioned, however, it should be checked beforehand whether it is okay to use in combination with other alternative treatments. We cannot recommend caffeine for hair loss for children and adolescents, and in individual cases it is also necessary to consult a doctor.

Caffeine for hair loss in combination with other treatment methods

With most treatment methods, especially with a hair transplant or when wearing a hair system, caffeine against hair loss should not be a problem. If you are undergoing PRP treatment, where the scalp is treated with the body’s own blood plasma, the use of caffeine-containing care products should be discussed with a doctor or hair expert. The caffeine may be too aggressive for the plasma and destroy it before it has an effect on the scalp. Also when using minoxidil it is better to ask an expert whether caffeine can be applied simultaneously.


So, does caffeine help against hair loss? Yes, caffeine for hair loss can have a positive effect. Numerous medical and cosmetic care products are available on the market today at an acceptable price. Unless alternative medical treatments are used, caffeine for hair loss is safe and is even advocated. However, if you are suffering from very severe hair loss, you should contact a doctor or an expert over a good cup of coffee to get a really successful result.

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