Copper is not just a mineral that they use to make pennies. Copper is a metal that has long been used for a variety of things. Coins are just one of the many things that people have used copper since the beginning of recorded history. But do we need copper for hair growth?

Uses for Copper

Besides the obvious uses for copper, your body also has a need for this mineral. It is not just found in copper mines, but it is also found in the soil and therefore in plants. Our bodies actually need a small amount of copper to function properly.

Copper helps the body use stored iron. People who do not have enough iron in the blood end up with anemia. Proper copper levels assist the body in using higher levels properly, thereby reducing instances of anemia.

The recommended daily allowance for copper is 3 mg daily. If you get more than the needed amount, that is considered toxic. Copper toxicity causes a variety of symptoms, one of which is hair loss. Copper helps the body produce certain enzymes like superoxide dismutase, which is an anti-oxidant. Melanin is the dark pigment produced by the body, for eye color and skin color. Copper is a stabilizing factor that helps the body produced this much-needed pigment.

Copper deficiency can lead to strange problems with skin color. Healthy cholesterol levels depend on the presence of proper levels of copper. This mineral also helps regulate the heartbeat and helps maintain healthy blood pressure stay steady. Recently, studies of have been conducted that seem to indicate that women benefit from copper and a variety of ways. One of the biggest benefit’s Copper offers women is that it helps maintain bone density.

How to Use Copper for Hair Growth

Foods contain copper in minute amounts. Good sources in shellfish and liver. There is just one problem. Most Americans do not eat enough of either of these foods to help elevate their copper levels.

Should you supplement? This is a tough question to answer. On the one hand, you could be deficient in copper. If that is the case, then you need to add a supplement to your regimen. You will then gain all the benefits of having sufficient copper levels in your body.

Here is another side of the issue. What if you have too much copper already? What if supplementation would cause you to have too much copper in your body? This is the dilemma you face when making a decision about whether or not to supplement with copper.

Some people try to tell you that you will never get enough copper through your diet. Maybe this is true or maybe it is not true.

What can too much copper due to you? It can lead to hair loss in the same way that having two little can cause the same problem.


You’ll have to be the one to decide if you want to supplement with copper. If you have questions, I would advise that you contact your doctor. There may be some test that your doctor would want to do before advising you on this issue. They are also the medical professionals qualified to answer any of your questions about this subject.

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