Boris Johnson and his hair: Always dishevelled, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who is currently in intensive care due to Coronavirus complications, often looks as if he has forgotten to comb his hair in the morning. In fact, he even messes it up with his hand before interviews and camera appearances. Is it possible that he lost his hair over the Brexit?

Boris Johnson and the conspicuous hair

Maybe you didn’t know. But Boris Johnson’s real name is actually Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. As a Conservative Party politician he took over Theresa May’s office as Prime Minister last July. Since then he has attracted attention not only because of his idiosyncratic choice of words and the no-deal-brexit.

His outward appearance is also highly “un-conservative” for a British Conservative: frizzy thin hair, which hangs wildly in his face and has a touch of hydrogen bleaching.

But Johnson does not forget to do his hair in the morning. He deliberately uses this fuzzy look, probably to hide hair loss. Because journalists and media observers know it: Johnson regularly runs his hand through his hair and pulls it forward in waves towards his forehead.

According to many opinions, the haircut is not beautiful. Critics quip that it is a simple 15 pound haircut. The theory that Boris Johnson suffers from hair loss is probably the more obvious one.

Possible reasons for Johnson’s hair loss

Does Boris Johnson simply suffer from genetic hair loss? Or does the stress over the Brexit made his hair fall out? Men who suffer from hereditary hair loss lose their hair with increasing age, especially on the forehead and temples. After that, the hair at the back of the head begins to fall out as well.

The hair roots die until baldness develops. If you take a closer look at Johnson’s little brother Jo Johnson, it does not necessarily have to be hereditary hair loss. Because Joseph Edmund Johnson, who is also a British Conservative politician, has beautiful, relatively full hair and a natural-looking look.

However, he is the younger brother of Boris, which is why this question about hereditary hair loss can only be answered in a few years. But stress can also cause hair loss.

So the question arises whether Boris Johnson is losing his hair due to the Brexit. That is quite possible! Hair loss caused by stress will disappear again when the stress subsides. But that could take years. In addition, hair loss promotes stress, which further intensifies the phenomenon of hair loss.

A hair transplant helps

If, like Boris Johnson, you suffer from hair loss and want to do something effective immediately, a hair transplant is the perfect solution. Because the results of a hair transplant can be seen very quickly.

This makes it look fuller immediately and prevents baldness. More precisely, thanks to modern surgical techniques, own hair roots are taken from places that are particularly dense and usually do not fall out.

Through this redistribution of the hair roots, the surgeon creates a permanently natural hair growth. Hair transplants are currently very much in vogue! More and more celebrities are having their hair redistributed in this way – which is pretty much painless, by the way. Because without thinning hair and baldness, many men find that they look younger and more attractive.


Boris Johnson’s bedhead hair is a big eye-catcher. Apparently, Johnson is trying to hide his hair loss. No matter if your hair loss is genetic or if it is – as probably in Boris Johnson’s case – stress-related (Brexit) hair, a safe method to counteract the hair loss is hair transplantation.

With a hair transplant, your hair roots are taken from the back and sides of your head and moved to where you urgently need them. The result is a natural hair growth, which creates permanently beautiful hair.

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