Many men struggle with thinning hair at a young age. Baldness can be noticeable from the age of 20. But hair loss (alopecia) does not have to be an inevitable fate. There are now a number of means and therapies that can be used to manage hair loss. It is important that you choose a treatment that is tailored to you and your alopecia. In this article you will find out whether birch leaf for hair loss is the right choice for you.

This is what makes birch leaves stand out

Birch and its leaves have enjoyed great popularity as a medicinal plant for many years in Europe. It has become one of the most popular remedies for urinary tract infections. The crop is often used for tea.

The plant also kills germs and has a disinfecting effect. But the birch leaves are not only taken in the form of medicinal teas. Today, the extracts of the plant are said to be a great remedy for hair loss.

In order to use birch leaf for hair growth, you have to apply it directly to the affected area. You can choose from a wide range of products. However, before you blindly buy any product, you need to find out whether treatment with birch leaf extract is suitable for you at all.

How does birch against hair loss work?

Birch leaf extract strengthens the hair structure. It protects the scalp and is well tolerated. The extract stimulates blood circulation and promotes hair growth. At the same time, it stimulates the follicles.

If you apply the birch leaves in the form of a shampoo, it removes dandruff and cleanses your hair. The germicidal effect of the plant proves to be practical – by applying the extract you also prevent infections.

Birch is especially popular because of its pleasant fragrance. It is natural and refreshing. It is also characterized by a neutral aroma and is therefore equally suitable for men and women.

Today birch leaf extract is used more and more against hair loss. People often use it as a supplement to alternative therapies for hair loss.

Things you have to consider when using birch extract

In order to achieve the optimal effect, you have to use the birch leaf extract correctly. You can start treatment at any time. The earlier you start therapy, the better.

Always keep in mind that hair loss often occurs in your early 20s. So even as a young man, you should keep an eye on your scalp and hair. Many men use shampoo or hair tonic with birch leaf extract to prevent hair loss and to strengthen their hair. Buy using birch leaves our hair is more resistant to stress and does not fall out so quickly. If you apply the product in the form of a shampoo, massage it gently but thoroughly into the scalp. If you use a tonic, simply apply and massage it into your scalp and let it dry. No need to wash it out.

After all, the extract works its way into the hair roots. It should also be used regularly over a long period of time. Because it is a herbal ingredient, it may take time to see first and long-lasting results.

When does the birch leaf extract show the best effect against hair loss?

The best long-term effects are achieved if you start treatment early. At the latest when the first signs of hair loss become noticeable, you should apply the birch leaf extract.

At this stage it is still possible to stop hair loss. Experience shows that the effect is particularly good and long-lasting when you use the ingredient mentioned in combination with other herbal substances.

Among others, green tea extract and hops are worth mentioning. If the hair loss has already progressed, it is still not too late to start with the birch leaf extract. You can also use the ingredient for post-treatment after a hair transplant.

If you are not sure whether birch therapy is the right choice for you, contact a specialist. He can sometimes give you tips on how to use it correctly.

Purchase good quality products

At first glance, it is tempting to choose inexpensive care products. After all, the product must be used over a longer period of time so that the results are long-lasting. However, you may not make your purchase decision solely dependent on the price.

Because low expenses often come at the expense of quality. In cheap products, the beneficial birch leaves are usually only added in small quantities and do not have the desired effect. In the worst case, inferior ingredients lead to skin irritation.

Conclusion – is birch leaf extract recommended for hair loss?

If you suffer from thinning hair, birch leaf extract is definitely recommended. The ingredient has a gentle effect and is well tolerated. It strengthens the hair structure and ensures that your scalp hair becomes more elastic.

If you want to stop the onset of hair loss, you will get satisfactory results with the extract. However, you also have to accept a longer waiting time here. The birch leaf extract against hair loss only shows its full effect after a few weeks.

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