If you have ever experienced thinning hair, you know it is inconvenient and embarrassing, especially when you are younger. However, it does not get any less convenient as you age. Some shave their heads, but most would prefer to at least have the option of a full head of hair. However, it seems to be out of our control, especially when hereditary. The most convenient way would obviously be to take a hair loss supplement or to use a shampoo for thinning hair that you can just apply daily when you shower. But when you use most of these shampoos, you again find that you are not actually getting the results you want, because they don’t have the right active ingredients that you are looking for.

But fortunately, there are a few shampoos that actually work for thinning hair with the right clinically proven ingredients and easy use to say the least.  We are introducing the best shampoos for thinning hair in this article. Read on!

What to look for in a shampoo for thinning hair

The World Health Organization has five levels to describe hair loss. Thinning hair is in two out of five of these categories. Level 0 is where there is no change in how the hair looks. In Level 1, you will see a slight effect of thinning hair but there is very little hair loss and whatever damage happens can still be reversed. In level 2 you will find thinning hair to be very noticeable and there is average hair loss at this level. You will start to see patches of bald skin during level 3 and level 4 is where thinning hair stops and baldness begins. As of recently, the male population of people suffering from thinning hair is 50 million and the female population is 30 million. All of them are going through a different level in the hair loss category.

There are four basic things you can do to care for thinning hair and the simplest method is to use shampoo that was specifically made for it. These shampoos have a mix of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. These are what make the shampoos effective in fighting against the effects of thinning hair.

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How to use shampoo for thinning hair

In using shampoo for thinning hair, you need to wet your hair completely before applying it. Massage the scalp gently and make a lather. You could feel it tingle slightly (depending on the ingredients) but that is normal. Rinse completely with cold or warm (not hot!) water.

Where to buy shampoo for thinning hair

Shampoo for thinning hair can be purchased in most drug stores or supermarkets. You will find a lot of commercial brands there which are not always the best choice since they often contain chemicals which you should avoid. You can also purchase a suitable shampoo online, which is what I recommend as you can choose among many brands and compare prices from the comfort of your home. There are thinning hair shampoos that rejuvenate the hair follicles to cause hair to grow back and there are those whose purpose is to stop further hair loss without trying to reverse the damage.

Top 5 best shampoos for thinning hair

There are many shampoos on the market for hair loss, all of which advertise stopping hair thinning and hair loss and improving hair growth.

No wonder if you lose track among the vast array of products. For this reason, we have compared 5 of the most effective shampoos for hair thinning for you, whereby we will especially focus on the ingredients.

PURA D’OR Biotin Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo

This shampoo is the top seller in the USA and the #1 bestseller on Amazon.com. More than 10,000 customer reviews have already accumulated on the Amazon product page – 60 percent of them with the highest rating and enthusiastic comments about the alleged miracle shampoo. Among the short descriptions are true love letters to the care product, which is supposed to make hair not only thicker, but also soft and shiny.

Can the hyped shampoo really counteract hair loss?

Pura D’Or’s shampoo for thinning hair contains biotin (essential for a strong hair shaft), argan oil (the ultimate allrounder), soothing aloe vera (a popular moisturizer) and an extract of Korean red algae. The brand attributes this additive to the protection against hair loss. The hair product is also completely free of sulphates and parabens.

The enthusiastic Amazon reviews speak for themselves. A glance at the ingredients makes it clear that it fully protects the hair and thus prevents premature hair breakage. This alone can make the hair look more voluminous.

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ArtNaturals Argan Oil Shampoo

The Argan oil shampoo from ArtNaturals is a real super weapon for thinning hair and impresses with its wonderful scent. Precious argan oil, which moisturizes your hair, is combined with plant extracts such as aloe vera and lavender. Just after one hair wash your hair feels softer and especially fine hair gets visibly more volume and grip.

Biotin in combination with DHT inhibitors stimulates your hair growth and reduces thinning of your hair and hair loss. All ingredients are 100% natural and have been produced without animal testing. The shampoo is also free from sulphates, silicones and other additives.

Furthermore, ArtNaturals always uses recycled materials for packaging. This is a huge plus point in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. Due to the ingredients as well as rich and healthy oils, your hair will become silky soft and shine like never before. The shampoo is absolutely recommended due to its effectiveness against hair loss and thinning hair.

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Plantur 21 Nutri-Caffeine-Shampoo

The Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo from Plantur 21 proves that coffee not only tastes delicious and is a real pick-me-up, but can also improve your hair growth. The caffeine contained in the shampoo strengthens your hair roots and has a positive effect on premature hair loss.

If your hair grows only sparsely and slowly, the caffeine brings life to your hair and encourages it to grow. The silicone-free shampoo is also combined with valuable nutrients such as zinc, calcium and biotin. With regular use, your hair will become significantly stronger and healthier. Even an itchy scalp is no longer an issue with this shampoo.

You also don’t need to worry about dry and unruly hair, as the Caffeine Shampoo provides sufficient moisture and is even suitable for colored hair. If your hair needs an energy boost and hair loss needs to be reduced, you can use Plantur 21 without a second thought. Your hair will thank you with vitality and a smooth mane.

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American Crew Hair Recovery + Thickening Shampoo

American Crew’s Anti Hair Loss Shampoo can bring volume and shine to your weak and thinning hair. With regular use, hair loss is reduced and your hair looks fuller and, above all, healthy again.

Your scalp will also be delighted with the shampoo, as it nourishes it and reduces itching and dandruff through sufficient moisture. Ingredients such as biotin, panthenol and keratin ensure that your hair growth is stabilized and hair loss is stopped.

The shampoo also contains tea tree oil which not only provides a fresh scent, but also stimulates the blood circulation of your scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. The minerals and vitamins make your hair shiny, give it a particularly good grip and visibly increase its fullness and vitality. All in all, the Anti Hair Loss Shampoo delivers what it promises and has a positive effect on your hair health.

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L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Inforcer Shampoo

If you often style or straighten your hair, the Inforcer Shampoo from the Expert range by L’Oréal Professionnel is an absolute must. Your hair structure is visibly smoothed and the result is shiny and healthy looking hair. To reduce hair breakage and make your hair more resistant to external influences, Inforcer Shampoo contains both biotin and the strengthening vitamin-B6.

Your hair feels wonderfully soft after shampooing and is easy to comb through without the need for a conditioner. The shampoo enchants with an intensive scent and also glitters pink. Your hair won’t benefit from this, but it makes shampooing even more fun.

With this caring shampoo, broken hair in the brush and in the shower is finally a thing of the past. Your mane shines with a new shine – and not only because of the shampoo’s glitter – and is strengthened and built up from the roots to the tips. The shampoo is also convincing with its good price-performance ratio.

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3 tips on how to get the best out of your anti-hair loss shampoo

By using a special shampoo against thinning hair and hair loss you have already taken the first step in the right direction. But even with the specially developed shampoos against hair loss you have to pay attention to the individual needs of your hair. For example, if your hair greases quickly, you should use a shampoo that is not too moisturizing.

If you have dandruff and an itchy scalp, you should definitely use special shampoos against thinning hair and hair loss, which also prevent dandruff formation and protect the scalp. There are also extra shampoos that are specially designed for men’s hair and have a more masculine scent.

Once you have found the right shampoo for you, there are a few more things you should consider. We have put together three tips for you so that shampoos against hair thinning can develop their full effect.

Tip 1: Wash your hair properly

Washing hair primarily removes dirt, skin scales, external impurities and skin oils. However, the scalp and your hair need enough grease to protect your hair from drying out. Therefore it is important that you do not wash your hair every day. Every 2 – 3 days are sufficient and once your hair gets used to it, it will not look greasy after only one day. In order to make your hair less greasy (and decrease the number of times you have to wash your hair) you might want to use a boar bristle brush.

The dosage of the shampoo is also important. A small amount, the size of a hazelnut, is sufficient to clean your hair thoroughly. Otherwise, it can even have a negative effect on your hair health, as the hair and scalp dry out and the hair is ‘over cared’ for. It is also important that you rinse the shampoo thoroughly so that no shampoo residue remains. The water temperature should be lukewarm for this. If the water is too hot, important fats will be destroyed. And you know by now that proteins and fats are welcome and important guests on your scalp and hair.

Tip 2: Do not apply shampoo to the tips of your hair

A common mistake in hair care is to work the shampoo into the hair tips. However, this dries the hair unnecessarily and in the long run leads to hair damage and sensitive hair that falls out more easily. Massage the shampoo only onto your scalp and into the hairline. By rinsing afterwards, enough foam gets into the tips of your hair which is absolutely sufficient.

Tip 3: The correct way to handle wet hair

Your hair is particularly sensitive when wet, as the dandruff layer is very vulnerable when you wash it. For this reason, you must treat your hair with special care and attention after washing. Wrap your mane in a soft towel and never rub it dry.

The towel ensures that the hair is sufficiently moisturized. To disentangle your damp hair afterwards, it is advisable to use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush. This comb pulls out less hair and is gentle on both scalp and hair. Work your way up from the tips to the hairline. You will see – this way there will be significantly less hair in the comb.

The 4 most important ingredients of a hair loss shampoo

A shampoo against thinning hair and hair loss can only work if it contains the right ingredients. Keratin, caffeine, biotin and aloe vera have proven to be the 4 most important ingredients to prevent hair loss and strengthen your hair.


With up to 90 percent, keratin is the main component of our hair. Keratin is a protein that makes your hair resistant and provides elasticity. If your hair is not supplied with enough keratin, it becomes brittle, brittle and falls out much faster.

Especially sunlight, coloration and excessive styling have a negative effect on the keratin coat. Shampoos that contain keratin protect your hair from environmental influences, make it stronger and prevent hair loss. It also repairs hair that is already damaged and damaged.


The high-dose caffeine content in shampoos for thinning hair and hair loss stimulates your weakened hair roots and stimulates hair growth. The caffeine penetrates to the roots, activates them and makes your hair more manageable and stronger. Just as a fresh cup of coffee makes you feel fresh and fit, caffeine shampoos make your hair stronger and reduce hair loss.

To achieve the required amount of caffeine through coffee consumption alone, you would need to drink over 40 cups a day. Even the biggest coffee junkie can’t manage that and therefore is no alternative to an effective caffeine shampoo.


Biotin is an important B-vitamin that ensures beautiful and healthy hair. Especially the condition of your hair follicles is influenced by biotin. If they are weakened, hair loss can occur and hair growth is impaired.

With sufficient biotin, thinning hair is strengthened and gets its shine back. Biotin is a real ‘silver bullet’ against weak hair roots and helps to reduce and prevent hair loss.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the plant for beauty par excellence. Numerous vitamins and nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, vitamin C and potassium accelerate hair growth and make your hair shine.

In addition, your scalp is provided with a lot of moisture, which penetrates deep into the hair roots, stimulates growth and reduces hair loss. Especially for dry scalp and dandruff, shampoos with aloe vera have a healing and soothing effect.

Do shampoos really help with thinning hair and hair loss?

Shampoos for weak, brittle and thinning hair can certainly help to strengthen your hair. However, there are many products on the market that have no positive effect whatsoever on hair growth and take advantage of the desperate situation of those affected. But there are black sheep everywhere. If you pay attention to the ingredients of the shampoos and be patient, you will notice that your hair health and vitality will improve with a shampoo for thinning hair.

But remember: These shampoos are not a miracle cure. If you are suffering from hair loss, your first priority is to fight the causes. This means, above all, that you should follow a balanced diet and avoid stress. A shampoo against hair loss can help you get stronger hair and minimize the annoying hair loss.

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Conclusion: Which shampoo is the best?

If you ask yourself the question which shampoo is the best for thinning hair, this cannot be answered in a general way. It depends on your hair texture and whether you have normal, fine, greasy or dandruff prone hair. There are some shampoos on the market that have a proven effect and for which there are also many positive reviews on the net. So maybe you should test these hair loss shampoos yourself, because this is the only way to find out if they work for you!

The most expensive shampoo is not always the best. However, it is not worthwhile to use the cheapest product at the expense of your hair, which in the worst case additionally damages your hair. A good shampoo against hair loss can be recognized by the fact that it contains ingredients that have a proven positive effect on hair growth and hair health. With our tips, you will surely find the best shampoo for thinning hair and hair loss.

Jasmin Brooks

Jasmin Brooks

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