Many people who had a hair transplant surgery wonder how they should wash their hair and scalp after the procedure. Questions like “What shampoo should I use after hair transplant?” or “Can I use normal shampoo after a hair transplant?” or “Do I have to use a special shampoo after my hair transplant?” are often asked. That’s why we decided to dedicate a whole article to answer these questions and introduce you to the best shampoo after hair transplant.

Hair transplant and shampoo

The choice of the appropriate product and also its application can have a considerable effect on the healing process after a hair transplant. Accordingly, we will show you which shampoo you should use after your hair transplant.

After the surgery there are many wounds on the scalp. The body must now heal them and the follicles only slowly begin to work.

Wrong shampoo after the hair transplantation can not only hinder the recovery but also lead to undesirable side effects. For this reason it is important to be careful.

Adhere to the guidelines of the clinic

Basically you should always follow the guidelines of the hair clinic if you do not want to endanger your new hair shortly after the implantation. Many doctors advise their patients not to clean their hair with shampoo for the first 48 hours after the hair transplant.

This is due to the fact that the hair and especially the scalp need a little time to regenerate after the treatment before they are stressed again by the subsequent washing. But the choice of shampoo also plays an important role in this procedure.

You must be particularly careful during the first few days

The scalp is still particularly sensitive in the first two days after the procedure and needs to be well protected. After all, such an operation represents an enormously heavy burden, which places enormous demands on the body’s self-healing powers.

If you use shampoo after the hair transplantation, it will also have an influence on the healing process. If you use such a product within the first 48 hours after the hair transplantation, in the worst case this can destroy the success of the treatment.

It is therefore important to act with caution and to give the body enough time for the first healing. This will ensure that your body recovers optimally after the procedure.

Hair transplantation: Which shampoo to use?

Using shampoo is an everyday occurrence for most people and is not to be condemned in principle. However, you should not simply continue to use your usual shampoo after the hair transplant.

Even if you wait the 48 hours advised by the doctors, your scalp, hair roots and the rest of your hair will still be very sensitive after the procedure. However, most products on the market are stuffed with chemicals which are not a problem for healthy hair (but should be avoided anyways).

On the other hand, your new and still sensitive hair deserves a little more attention and care, so that the treatment is a complete success.

best shampoo after hair transplant

These factors play an important role when choosing the best shampoo

If you are looking for a shampoo after a hair transplant that you can use without any problems, you should first of all contact the treating clinic. They can and will usually be able to give you various recommendations.

Either the clinic recommends a certain product or at least shows you which factors play an important role. Probably the most important one is the absence of perfume and other, sometimes aggressive substances in shampoos after hair transplantation.

My clinic recommended me to use the Revita Shampoo from DS Laboratories and I can really recommend to it everyone who looks for the best shampoo after hair transplant. You can read my indepth review about the shampoo here or click here to purchase the shampoo from their website.

Alternately you can also use a baby shampoo. If possible, try to avoid all shampoos and also conditioners that are loaded with chemicals which can attack the scalp.

Other factors which should be considered after the hair transplantation

Remember that after such an operation, scabs and crusts may appear in the area of the operation. However, this also means that targeted washing of the hair can offer real advantages here.

You must not try to remove the crusts or scabs with your hands, as this could attack the sensitive hair follicles. After the hair transplantation, the shampoo also serves, among other things, to gently remove the crusts and the resulting faster healing of the wounds.

By using mild hair shampoos you can even support the healing process and strengthen it in a targeted manner.

No stress for the hair – under no circumstances

Using a shampoo after hair transplant is therefore a good idea if you choose the right product. However, there is still more to consider. Among other things, doctors advise not washing your hair more than once or three times a week to give it enough time to regenerate.

During the first two months you should stick to this advice, even if it does not suit your personal preferences. In addition, handle your hair carefully when washing it. Do not exert strong pressure on the hair and do not rub your hair strongly.

When applying and rinsing the shampoo be as gentle as possible. Then gently dab the hair and scalp with a towel and allow the hair to air dry.

This may sound like a very cautious approach, but your hair will thank you for this after a while. You can then look forward to your full and new hair and you can now wash your hair again with your own shampoo of choice.

When to change the shampoo after the hair transplant?

We have now clarified the question “What is the best shampoo after hair transplant?”. But for how long should you use a gentle shampoo to care for your hair after a hair transplant.

Basically, this also depends on the healing of the wounds and hair growth. It is usually advisable to treat the hair with special care for at least half a year and to use a mild and gentle care product. This may sound a little exhausting, but the result is definitely worth the effort.

As mentioned before I have used the Hair Restoration Laboratories Shampoo directly after my hair transplant and I keep using it as it has lots of DHT-blocking and hair strengthening ingredients which helps me keeping my new hair healthy and hopefully the rest of my hair from falling out. Click here to order!


You must always be careful immediately after a hair transplant. Regular shampoo and conditioners can in the worst case ruin the result of your surgery. This means that you should always follow the instructions of the clinic in order not to jeopardise the result.

In the first two months after the transplantation of your own hair, wash your hair only once or three times a week with a mild and gentle shampoo to support the healing process. I personally canĀ  recommend the Revita shampoo. Handle your hair and scalp with care. The more care you take in these moments and the more patience you have, the more you will benefit afterwards.

After a hair transplant, using shampoo can, in the worst case, significantly influence the results. If you are unsure or have any questions, you can always contact the treating clinic.

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