If you want to stop hair loss, you do not always have to resort to expensive drugs from the pharmacy. Barley grass for hair growth is a natural and well-tolerated remedy against hair loss that is also great for your overall health!

Barley grass is rich in vitamins and minerals that improve overall health and have a positive effect on the hair. You can use barley grass for your hair internally or as a hair treatment.

The effect of barley grass against hair loss

Hair loss occurs in different forms and has different causes. In addition to genetic factors, autoimmune diseases, infections, scalp infestation with bacteria, stress or a lack of vitamins and minerals are also possible causes.

A greasy or dry scalp that causes dandruff can also cause hair loss. This is where barley grass comes in for your hair.

What exactly is barley grass?

These are the young leaves of the barley plant that grow as delicate emerald green stalks. They are harvested when they have reached a height of about 10 centimeters.

You can also grow barley grass yourself by sowing barley and cutting off the shoots after 10 to 12 days. At that time the stalks have the highest percentage of chlorophyll, vitamins and proteins.

The numerous micronutrients in barley grass support the body in many processes and can improve the condition of your hair. Since barley grass is alkaline, it can counteract acidification of the body.

It detoxifies and remineralizes the hair and improves the metabolism and blood supply to the scalp. The hair follicles are stimulated to form new hair. If you suffer from hair loss and the process of balding just started recently, the hair follicles can be stimulated again if they are still intact.

Little helper for many hair problems

For many hair problems, barley grass is an inexpensive, natural and healthy solution. It strengthens and vitalises the hair follicles and can stop existing hair loss. As the metabolism of the scalp is normalized, the division rate of the skin cells improves.

The cells regain their natural speed. This means that large quantities of horn cells cannot detach at the same time and clump together to form scales. The ingredients of barley grass make the scalp strong and resistant.

External factors such as UV rays or heat do not upset the scalp. As researchers have found, barley grass can also counteract the aging of the hair, which manifests itself with gray hair.

The hair turns gray when there is an excess of hydrogen peroxide, which is naturally produced by the hair cells. The pigment cells of the hair gradually die off as we get older. Hydrogen peroxide is also contained in bleaching agents and ensures that the hair has a transparent color.

When the hair turns gray, the pigment melanin is lost due to the death of the pigment cells, which leads to a gray or white color of the hair. Barley grass can counteract this problem.

barley grass powder hair

Many valuable ingredients in barley grass

Barley grass does not only help against hair loss, it also improves overall health and well-being. It contains many vitamins and minerals:

  • Chlorophyll promotes cleansing and new blood formation, has a detoxifying effect and improves oxygen absorption
  • Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, fends off free radicals, counteracts the aging process and promotes iron absorption
  • Vitamins of the B complex support the metabolism, strengthen the nerves and improve vital functions
  • Iron supports blood formation and improves oxygen saturation in the blood
  • Enzymes make minerals and vitamins available to the body and slow down the aging process
  • Folic acid supports growth processes in the body
  • Flavonoids are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

Effect on different types of hair loss

Barley grass against hair loss works especially well for androgenetic alopecia (hereditary hair loss). About 80 percent of men, but also many women, are affected. The cause is genetic.

The conversion of the sex hormone testosterone, which is formed by men and women, creates dihydrotestosterone, which attaches itself to the hair follicles in the event of an inherited hair loss.

It damages the hair roots until the hair finally becomes thinner and falls out. Barley grass for hair provides better blood circulation for the scalp and can counteract the accumulation of dihydrotestosterone on the hair follicles.

As it improves scalp health and defense functions, barley grass can also work against other forms of hair loss and stimulate the formation of new hair. In the case of diffuse hair loss, which occurs evenly on the entire head, the hair can grow back with the support of barley grass.

How to use barley grass

Barley grass is suitable for oral use. You can cut fresh barley grass to use in salads, soups, curd or yogurt. By using a juicer you can make smoothies or juice from it. If you don’t like the intense taste, you can mix the juice with orangs or other fruits or veggies you like.

You can buy barley grass powder online or in stores and you only need to stir it with water or juice. You should dissolve and drink two teaspoons of the powder in a glass of water three times a day.

Alternatively, you can take barley grass capsules regularly over a longer period of time.

Recipe for hair treatment with barley grass

For a hair treatment, you can prepare juice from fresh barley grass or from barley grass powder. Put a teaspoon of honey in a glass of juice and stir well. Apply this hair treatment to your hair and leave it on your scalp for about an hour before washing it out. You can repeat this two to three times a week.

Conclusion: Barley grass improves hair health

Barley grass is rich in vitamin C, vitamins of the B complex, iron and other healthy substances. You can cut fresh barley grass into small pieces and squeeze it out as juice or you can simply buy barley grass powder and mix it with water or juice.

Barley grass works against hair loss because it improves blood circulation to the scalp, promotes cell division and strengthens the immune system. Overall, barley grass has a positive effect on the hair because it counteracts dandruff, strengthens the hair and stimulates the hair follicles to form new hair.

It counteracts the aging process and thus the graying of the hair. You can support your daily hair loss regimen with the internal and external use of barley grass. If the hair follicles are still intact, new hair can be formed again.

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  1. Whenever I use barley grass in my smoothies for a few days I start noticing significant hairLOSS, in stead of growth. How do you explain that? There are studies that show that proteolytic enzymes (present in barley grass too) “eat” the proteins of your hair follicles and therefor cause hair to fall out. So I believe what you are stating may be false.

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