Suffering from hair loss, brittle or thinning hair? Argan oil against hair loss can help and is well tolerated, as it is a natural product. You can use pure argan oil, but various hair care products containing argan oil are also available in pharmacies, drugstores and online shops. But what are the benefits of argan oil for hair growth?

What is Argan oil?

Argan oil can be used in many ways in the kitchen, but this natural product is also a great all-rounder for your beauty regime. The oil is extracted from the seed flakes of the fruits of the argan tree, which is native to Morocco. The extraction of the oil can be done by hand or by machine. The production of the oil by hand is a complex process. The fruits are collected from the ground.

The fruit flesh is removed. Rotten seeds are sorted out. The hard kernels are beaten with stones to get to the seed plates. The seed platelets are roasted and ground in a mill. The resulting powder is boiled up with water and solidified by stirring and boiling. The oil that escapes in small trickles is skimmed off. This is a lengthy process. One litre of hand-pressed argan oil needs about two days of work. Argan oil, which is used for cosmetic products, is mostly produced mechanically and the seed platelets are not roasted.

Argan oil has long been appreciated by Moroccans for its beauty and health. Due to its anti-inflammatory effect it is used in Morocco as a remedy for rheumatism, skin diseases like acne, but also for the treatment of scaly, dry skin which tends to inflammations. It is therefore no wonder that argan oil has excellent properties against hair loss. You can apply argan oil to the scalp if it tends to inflammation and is dry. The hair roots are better supplied with nutrients.

Due to the increasing popularity of argan oil in cosmetics, the Moroccan government initiated an increase in production from 2,500 to 4,000 tons annually by 2020.

What makes Argan oil for hair growth so healthy?

Argan oil contains many valuable ingredients that promote hair growth and revitalize the skin. The oil is rich in vitamin E, which prevents various diseases and is important for the health of skin and hair. The vitamin traps free radicals and can counteract aging processes. The phytosterols support cell renewal and improve the cell structure. They contribute to hair growth and health. The unsaturated fatty acids contained, which consist mainly of linoleic and oleic acids, also have an effect on hair loss. They have a revitalising effect and increase the elasticity of the skin.

The effect of argan oil for skin and hair

The international triumphal procession of argan oil in cosmetics began in the 1980s. Argan oil is a component of many shampoos and hair conditioners. However, you can also use pure argan oil against hair loss. Pure argan oil can be massaged into the hair after washing. After a short period of application, it is washed out. It makes the hair easier to comb, smoother, shinier and more supple. Like a protective film, the oil wraps itself around the hair and protects it from harmful influences.

A frequent cause of hair loss is increased sebum production of the skin glands. If you apply argan oil for hair growth to the scalp, the sebum production is normalized. The skin is cleaned. The pores are not clogged. If you want to be successful and permanently normalize the sebum production of the scalp, you have to apply Argan oil for hair loss regularly.

The oil not only works on scalp and hair. It is also suitable for facial care and provides a purer, fresher and firmer skin. Argan oil for hair growth works not only externally, but also from the inside. The daily intake of argan oil tightens the connective tissue and has a revitalizing effect.

Argan oil kills fungi and germs. It can therefore also be used to treat fungi on the nail bed. Dandruff can also be caused by fungi. If argan oil for hair loss is regularly applied to the scalp, it can counteract the dandruff formation.

Beautiful and healthy hair with argan oil

It is scientifically proven that argan oil makes the hair smoother and more supple. The hair structure is maintained and the hair is less brittle. Hair growth is stimulated, as argan oil for hair growth promotes cell division and cell renewal. Some users of argan oil report that the hair has already grown by several centimetres within a few weeks. Scientific studies prove the growth-promoting effect of argan oil for the hair when used regularly.

With the regular use of argan oil, the dandruff has significantly decreased for many users. Due to its revitalizing effect, argan oil can be applied to stressed hair to supply it with nutrients and make it look healthier again.

As the oil wraps itself around the hair like a protective film, it also protects the hair from UV radiation. The hair is not only protected externally. The underlying hair structure and the scalp are provided with nourishing moisture.

Argan oil for dandruff

Dandruff is a common cause of hair loss and is formed especially on dry scalps. With the regular use of argan oil for hair growth you can fight your dandruff and prevent the new formation of dandruff. If the dandruff is a serious problem for you, because dandruff and fallen out hair is already visible on clothing, you can also use argan oil as an acute measure. Argan oil should be applied to the scalp and massaged in at least once a day. Thanks to the healing effect, the dandruff will disappear after a few days. Used in the long term, dandruff can be a thing of the past with Argan oil for hair loss.

An unpleasant side effect of dandruff is often an itchy scalp. Argan oil has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. It relieves itching after only a few applications.

For a lasting effect of argan oil for hair, you should apply the oil to the scalp two to three times a week. The oil is quickly absorbed into the scalp and does not leave greasy traces.

How to use Argan oil for hair growth

Argan oil for hair growth can be used in different ways. You can achieve short-term effects by massaging a few drops of argan oil into the hair. The oil makes the hair easier to comb and makes it appear shinier and more vital.

You can treat your hair to an intensive hair mask once a week. Depending on the length of your hair, massage 10 to 20 millilitres of argan oil into damp hair after washing and cover your head with a towel. The argan oil should work into the hair and scalp for at least 30 minutes. Then you can rinse the oil with lukewarm clear water and let the hair dry in the air.

To care for the hair roots, you should mix argan oil against hair loss with a few drops of lemon juice and massage it into the scalp. The oil improves blood circulation in the scalp and promotes the supply of nutrients to the hair roots.

Argan oil for different types of hair loss

Argan oil helps against various types of hair loss. Stress can promote hair loss. Frequently, diffuse hair loss on the entire head is caused by stress and an unbalanced diet. With argan oil, the hair roots are better supplied with nutrients again. Argan oil can also contribute to the regeneration of the hair roots in cases of mechanical hair loss where the hair has been severely strained.


Argan oil for hair growth can be used in pure form. It is extracted from the seed flakes of the argan tree and is rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. It has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on the scalp. The hair becomes smoother. Argan oil counteracts dandruff formation, soothes itching and improves the hair structure. Hair growth is promoted due to the regenerating effect of argan oil.

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