With all the stress around us, it is easy to be captive of it and then forgets to maintain our health. If we do not maintain our health around this immense amount of pressure, then we will start losing our wealth anyway. In case of health, it is again subjective, i.e., one thing can lead to another, and one of the examples of it would be damaged hair. Hair damage can be a result of many different causes of stress, wrong diet, loss of sleep, too much caffeine, etc. but then we need to find a solution someday to combat the problem. Now, in this article we will talk about the different benefits of amla for hair.

Benefits of Amla for Hair Loss

Hair damage can be a result of many different causes of stress, wrong diet, loss of sleep, too much caffeine, etc. but then we need to find a solution someday to combat the problem. Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is known for its numerous benefits from the old times and for that reason we will consider the goodness it can provide to our hair too. Amla comes in different shapes such as amla oil, amla powder, amla juice etc. Lets have a look at the different benefits of amla for hair:

amla oil hair growthHair Growth

The first step after the hair fall is to wait for the proper growth of hair. Now, you can always use hair oils, serums or shampoos but they would only add up to the chemical build up in your scalp and hence causing more harm to your skin. In this case, you can use amla oil which is filled with vitamins and minerals that would, in turn, increase the blood circulation in your scalp thus promoting hair growth.

Amla Hair Mask to Promote Hair Growth


Dandruff is caused because of dryness or dirty scalp that promotes the build-up of bacteria. Now, if you are suffering from dandruff, it is essential to identify whether it is just the dry scalp coming off or something major. Once you are sure that it is nothing but dandruff you can use the juice of amla or amla oil to cure dandruff in your scalp. Its juices are filled with vitamin-c which works for restoring the moisture in your scalp which further prevents the dryness and scraping the skin from your scalp.


Nobody would like even a single strand of gray hair at an early age, but we suffer from it quite often because of several reasons like diet issues, water problems or even wrong shampoo. Now, to prevent that we would take help of a hair dye and this again adds up chemicals to our roots thus damaging them further. So, to avoid this, you can try a natural remedy that is made with amla. Amla prevents discoloration and also fights pigmentation leading to better growth, lesser gray hair and also shiny hair.


While you think of investing in a very costly conditioner, step back a little and think about investing in something natural. Amla is a natural conditioner known for its strengthening properties. A conditioner works as an agent that protects the hair from the damage made before and after the application of your shampoo and Amla would work a long way for you if you have severely damaged hair. The content in amla would not only make your hair strong and smooth but also give it a natural shine for a longer period.


Amla is one of the greater known antioxidants which work for our whole body including hair. It is almost two times more powerful than acai and can give better results when compared to pomegranate. Amla can eliminate toxic agents and chemicals that might have been introduced to your hair when the different products were applied or used. It slowly reduces the toxic content and results in pure hair in some months of proper application. If used properly, it will revive the scalp’s actual moisture and mineral content too.


The best cleanser made to date cannot compete with the power of amla. The juice extracted from the fruit if applied directly while washing the hair for a longer period can give immense results. One needs to use it properly and without any application of other chemical or shampoo. It shows great results with prolonged usage such as cleanser of the scalp which deducts the chances of having any fungus developed or dandruff build up in the scalp. Thus, a cleaner scalp will also promote better hair growth.

Thick Hair

Who doesn’t want their luscious locks to be thick and healthy? We all do. While we invest in costly products or medicines that promise us great hair or thick hair we forget that something from our kitchen can do that same at a lesser cost. Amla is great for thick hair since its nutrients substitute for root structure. You can consume amla juice directly or even apply it to your scalp and then wash it out normally to get these benefits. This will also give an extra bounce to your hair once you consume it daily for a prolonged period.

amla hair loss

Frizz Free

We have all suffered frizzy hair once in our life because of the increasing pollution. Every time we go out, we pray that our hair stays in place, but the dust and dirt would just ruin everything. Amla juice works for restoring the moisture in your hair strands and keeps it free from the dust and pollution outside. Amla also makes your hair more manageable every time you apply it to your hair and scalp by removing the dead upper layer and preventing it from harmful rays outside.

Hair Color

The last but not the least use of amla for your hair is for retaining your hair color or bringing back the color. As we talked about discoloration, it is important to mention how this can be used instead of henna or some other chemical to give a color to your hair. Before you suffer from discoloration or gray hair start applying this to prevent the future issues.


These are some great benefits of amla for your hair, and it will not matter how you use it. You can drink it, you can eat it whole, or you can apply the juices, it will benefit you from its constituents. You will get great results in a week’s time! Buy Amla oil from Amazon now!

Susan Ehlers

Susan Ehlers

Susan was born and raised in Seattle, where she studied Biology. Now she works as a health and nutrition coach. In her free time she enjoys canoeing and hiking together with her husband.
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