Hair loss – a problem that affects many people. The most common form of hair loss is hereditary hair loss or androgenetic alopecia (AGA). About 40% of women and about every second man is affected. The tricky thing about hair loss is that you usually only notice it when you are suffering from it and about 50% of your hair has already fallen out. Only then does the hair loss become noticeable. Many men first resort to special shampoos and tinctures, which promise quick help against hair loss. One of the most well-known brands is certainly Alpecin shampoo, which is produced by Kurt Wolff GmbH&Co.KG in Germany.

Alpecin Shampoo for Hair Loss Review

In androgenetic alopecia, the hair roots react sensitively to the hormone DHT, which in turn is produced from the male hormone testosterone. A typical sign of hereditary hair loss – at least in men – is the receding hairline. This is the area above the temples that becomes increasingly bald with age. In the further course of the hereditary hair loss, the so-called tonsure forms at the back of the head. At some point, the tonsure and receding hairline grow together – and the man is bald. The only hair that is usually left is located at the back of the head.

In women, hereditary hair loss looks somewhat different. The hair falls out along the middle parting, until at some point extensive bald spots remain. Complete hair loss is extremely rare in women, but it can happen. There is always an exception to the rule. By the way, Alpecin can be used by women and men against hair loss. Whether this is promising or not is explained below.

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How does Alpecin work?

Androgenetic alopecia is caused by a hypersensitivity of the hair follicles to the hormone DHT. This hormone is responsible for the fact that the hair roots are hardly supplied with the necessary nutrients and that the growth phases of the affected hair are shortened. This ultimately leads to hair loss.

Anyone affected by genetically caused hair loss will also have noticed that the hair, which initially continues to grow back bravely, is thinner and less strong. At some point, however, the growth stops completely.

Alpecin shampoo contains caffeine. This active ingredient supplies the hair roots with new energy. Thanks to the shampoo or liquids, the caffeine is also delivered exactly where it is needed – directly to the hair roots. By the way, Alpecin shampoo for thinning hair can also be used as a precautionary measure from teenage years.

In addition to caffeine, Alpecin also contains zinc and niacin, which are important growth factors for hair. The shortened growth phase is, so to speak, cancelled out by the caffeine, and the hair should grow back nice and strong. First results can be seen after about three months. This is what many users of Alpecin shampoo for hair growth report.

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How to use Alpecin shampoo for hair

The application of Alpecin shampoo is relatively simple.

Here’s how it works: apply the shampoo to wet hair, lather it up and then leave it to work for about two to five minutes.

The Alpecin liquids are applied directly to the scalp and then massaged in briefly. They remain on the scalp and are not rinsed out again.

Alpecin Shampoo and Liquids are available in drugstores and online shops, including Amazon. By the way, on the Alpecin homepage you will also find several studies on the topic of “Effectiveness of caffeine complex in androgenetic alopecia”.

Alpecin shampoos are not only effective against hair loss. The Double-Effect Caffeine Shampoo, for example, is also effective against oily hair and dandruff. The Color-Tuning Shampoos give the hair back its original color if you want to use this as an additional effect. For men with slightly thinner or significantly lighter hair, there is a special shampoo and a liquid that additionally protects the scalp from sunburn.

Alpecin shampoo for men

Alpecin shampoo for alopecia is aimed primarily at the male target group. Which, after all, results from the nature of the matter. There are considerably more men affected by hereditary hair loss than women. Most Alpecin reviews found on the Internet are positive. Some users report from their experiences that after regular use of the Alpecin shampoo, the hair grew thicker.

However, whether Alpecin is effective against hair loss also depends on various other factors. An unhealthy diet lacking in vitamins and minerals additionally promotes hair loss. If you want to do something for your scalp and hair quality, you should ensure a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Stress can also accelerate hair loss. Alpecin can only work against hair loss in men if the overall conditions are right, so to speak.

Alpecin shampoo for women

Not only men suffer from hair loss. Women can also be affected, although not to the same extent as the opposite sex. Although the design of Alpecin Shampoo and Liquids is geared more toward the male population, it is well known that it is always the content and not the “external values” that count when it comes to effect. In principle, Alpecin brand products can of course also be used by women. The caffeine contained in the shampoo and liquids makes no difference whether the hair root is male or female, the mode of action remains the same.

In fact, Alpecin is relatively often used by women to make their hair grow faster and thicker. The Alpecin reviews are often very positive among women. For example, no silicones are added to the shampoo. When used regularly, even thin hair becomes more manageable and is easier to style.

In addition, some women have actually noticed that with Alpecin their hair grows faster and is also thicker. Incidentally, the shampoo and liquid are often recommended in many guidebooks with the topic “How to grow hair faster”. Of course, Alpecin also helps against hair loss in women – at least in the initial stages. By the way, the manufacturer of Alpecin also offers special shampoo for women with hereditary hair loss. This product is called Plantur.

In fact, there are indeed differences in hereditary alopecia in men and women. In men, alopecia usually begins in the early twenties while in women, it usually starts much later, namely during menopause, when the male hormone testosterone in the body outstrips the female hormones.

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Does Alpecin help against hair loss?

Whether Alpecin shampoo actually helps against hair loss is a matter on which opinions differ to some extent. Some report very good experiences with the shampoo and also the liquids, while others say that Alpecin has not helped at all, as was explained in detail at the beginning of this article. However, there are some studies that at least suggest that caffeine as an effective substance against hereditary hair loss may well have some merit.

By the way, Alpecin shampoo for hair growth reviews can be found on various blogs online. Simply google “Alpecin shampoo review” or “Alpecin shampoo reviews” and read what users have to say about this product. This is a good way to learn more about the effectiveness.

Alpecin as a permanent solution?

Shampoos and liquids against hair loss usually only help in the “initial stage” of hereditary hair loss. This also applies to Alpecin shampoo. Only shampoos and tinctures containing the active ingredient Minoxidil can also help with hair loss that is already more advanced. However, all shampoos and tinctures from Alpecin (and of course also those containing Minoxidil) have a catch.

On the one hand, they are quite expensive, especially in comparison to conventional hair care products. On the other hand, the hair begins to fall out again as soon as the shampoo is discontinued for a longer period of time. The only thing that helps against hereditary hair loss in the long term and sustainably is a hair transplant. Nowadays, this is carried out under local anaesthetic and is minimally invasive. This means that a longer stay in the clinic is usually not necessary.

Modern methods such as the FUE technique also ensure that the healing phases are extremely short and that one is able to get back to work and participate in social events relatively quickly.
The hair for a hair transplant is taken from the so-called donor area. The special feature of this hair is that it is relatively insensitive to the hormone DHT. Therefore there is no danger of renewed hair loss once the hair has been transplanted. A transplantation of your own hair does not have to be very expensive. In Turkey, hair restoration surgery is available at relatively affordable prices without compromising on quality.

Bottom line

As a conclusion one can say that there are many positive reviews when it comes to the Alpecin shampoo for hair fall. The areas of use can be extremely different though. Women mostly use Alpecin to get longer hair faster, while men use Alpecin specifically against hair loss. Have you used Alpecin shampoo for thinning hair? We’d love to hear your opinion!

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